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Digital Signage & Kiosk Printing Solutions

Star Micronics has the digital signage printer or kiosk printer with versatility for printing at custom design requirements. The impressive Star Micronics printer advantages and values for printing electronic tickets, receipts or information at the point of need within your self-serve, unattended kiosks or digital signage stations. Our 35 years of manufacturing expertise for service and expert advice for the most demanding unattended digital signage and embedded / kiosk printing challenges:

  • Lower Operational Costs

  • Minimal Maintenance

  • Real-Time Status Reports

  • High Reliability and Quality

  • Ease of Use and Installation

  • Environmentally Friendly

Any of our products can be tailored to suit your printing needs. Consult with our team of experts to assist with design, installation, and if necessary, customization to fit your application.

Digital Signage Printers:

TSP100Series – High Quality, Low Cost Digital Signage Printer

FVP-10 – Front Exit, VOICE, Fast Label, Ticket and Receipt Digital Signage Printer

TSP800II – Wide Width, Label, Receipt and Label Digital Signage Printer

Kiosk Printers:

TUP500/TUP900– Fast, Cost Effective Open Frame/ Modular Kiosk Printing Solution

Success Stories:
                Star Kiosk Printers Help POS Stations Clean Up Anytime

                Supermarket Chain Feeds Sales With ShoptoCook Kiosk Application

Videos: See the Shop to Cook Video featuring the Star Micronics TSP800II printer

                See the Star Micronics TUP500 Kiosk Printer, FVP-10 & TSP100

Printer Features for Digital Signage and Kiosk Applications include:

Low Power Consumption ENERGY STAR Qualified

Under the Counter Bracket Mount

W-I-D-E Width Paper (4.375")

Modular Design
TUP500 & TUP900

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