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Star Micronics developed labels printers with the application and user in mind. Presenting dual options for printing one label or batch printing labels (continuous multiples) with the option of obtaining a backing free, peeled label for the user.

Both the TSP700II and TSP800II provide dual printing functions of both labels and receipt. The TSP700II has ultra fast printing at 250mm/sec offering PDF417, both offer 1 and 2 dimensional barcodes.

The TSP828L printer is the printer of choice, 1 printer with 2 methods of label printing. Utilizing the peeler, the user may print one label at a time. As the printer automatically peels the backing from the label, the label is presented to the user and the backing is safely kept to the back section of the printer. Should many labels or batch printing be desired, labels are printed in light speed. Capabilities of barcode printing in both 1 and 2 dimensions, PDF417 and Maxicode are included with the TSP828L printer. Varied width labels, from 1.75" to 4.4" can be used by turning the adjustable paper width guide. Wysywyg printing using any application on any operating system and screen printing are also printing possibilities.

Perfect applications include:
    shipping labels, nutrition labels, delivery service labels, shelf labels, ID badge labels, warehousing labels, bag tags, etc.

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