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Patient ID Wristband Printing Solution

Star Micronics has the partnered with LaserBand®'s FusionBand for wristband printing solutions for healthcare and identification applications. Star Micronics TSP828L thermal prints a variety of different types and sizes of FusionBands products, producing a self laminated Patient ID wristband with easy implementation! Patient safety, patient comfort, improved workflow, and cost-effective solutions are the combination of Star’s TSP828L direct thermal printer and the FusionBand wristbands. Direct thermal printing does not require toner, ribbons, or cartridges - no additional printing consumables to purchase. HIPAA compliant as there are no imprinted ribbon residuals to discard. A "pain-free" complete printing solution for hospitals and institutions seeking a dedicated thermal wristband printing system for patient identification.

  • Lower Operational Costs

  • Minimal Maintenance

  • Ease of Use & Installation

  • Patient Safety

TSP828L - Any media width between 1.75" to 4.30", reflective and transmissive sensors for wristband positioning, Ease of Use, Barcodes, Label printing

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