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SK1-31 Kiosk Printer

Solutions For:

  • Compact and lightweight
  • Max 200mm/sec high-speed printing
  • Full and partial cut (command selectable)
  • Easy to integrate
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SK1-31 Printer Description

The SK1-31 three-inch series provides dependable, maintenance-free printers that have a fast print speed of 200mm/sec with 203 dpi resolution. It comes in either standard format (horizontal orientation) with or without presenter, and vertical format with or without presenter. All SK1-31 models come with RS-232C and USB interface which integrates with many commonly used kiosk solutions. Available option includes bezel.


Specifications - SK1-31

Printer Method   Direct Line Thermal Printing
Print Speed   Max 200mm/sec
Paper Width   58mm, 60mm, 80mm, 83mm
Print Width   54mm, 56mm, 72mm, 80mm
Paper Roll Holder   120mm
Resolution   8 dots/mm (203 dpi)
Font   8x16, 12x24 dots
Character Types  

PS427/850/852/857/858/860/863/865/866, WPC 1252

Bar Code   JAN8/13, CODE39, ITF, CODABAR, CODE128, UPC-A/E
2D Bar Code   QR, Maxicode, Micro PDF-417, PDF-417, DataMatrix
Interface   Dual Serial (RS232C) & USB (V2.0 FULL SPEED)


  Full and partial cut (command selectable)

Operating Voltage


 DC 24V

External Dimensions   127 x 145.5 x 85.4 (W x D x H) mm

Reliability MCBF (Printer)

Print Head

Auto Cutter Life


200 Million Lines


1.5 Million Cuts

Safety Standard   CE, FCC, VCCI
Warranty   1 Year Warranty for Parts and Labor

Hardware Features and Benefits - SK1-31

High Speed   Max 200 mm/sec
High Reliability  

MCBF: 200 Million Pulses

Guillotine Auto Cutter: 1.5 Million Cuts

2-Inch Paper Width
Provides small width tickets or receipts to customers to fit yor application

Easy to Integrate
  4 different models to accommodate any application: SK1-31ASF4-Q (standard paper roll holder), SK1-31ASF4-LQP (standard paper roll holder with presenter), SK1-V31ASF4-Q (vertical paper roll holder), SK1-V31ASF4-LQP (vertical paper roll holder with presenter)

Related Products - SK1-31


Power adapter cable

Part Number: 37963360


Bezel paper detector

Part Number: 37963490


Large paper roll holder

Part Number: 37963730


Paper and Supplies

Part Number: 37964800 - 58mm (2.28") x 200mm (7.87 diameter) Thermal Paper Roll w/ 24mm core I.D. for HL2 option for SK1-21 Series (8 pack)


Part Number: 37964810 - 80mm (3.15") x 200mm (7.87" diameter) Thermal Paper Roll w/ 24mm core I.D. for HL2 option for SK1-31 Series (12 pack)


Power Supply

Part Number: 30781870

Paper and Supplies

Part Number: 37963610 - 58mm (2.28") Thermal Paper Roll with 1" core I.D.




Part Number: 37964790 - 80mm (3.15") x 120mm (4.7" diameter) Thermal Paper Roll with 12mm core I.D. (8 pack)




Part Number: 37995100 - 80mm (3.15") Thermal Label Roll, 3" x 1" (1600 Labels)




Part Number: 37995110 - 80mm (3.15") Thermal Label Roll, 3" x 2" (900 Labels)



Serial Cable

Part Number: 37963340



Serial cable for SK1 Kiosk printer products



Part NumberModelDescription
37963780SK1-31ASF4-Q-STSK1, Kiosk 3", USB/Serial, Ext PS needed
37963770SK1-31ASF4-LQP STSK1, Kiosk 3", Presenter, USB/Serial, Ext PS needed
37964090SK1-V31ASF4-Q STSK1, Kiosk 3", USB/Serial, Ext PS needed
37964600SK1-V31ASF4-LQP STSK1, Kiosk Vertical 3", USB/Serial, Ext PS needed
37963730HL2 Large Paper Roll HolderAdjustable External Large Paper Roll Holder for SK1-21/31 Series
37963490BZ-SK-1 BEZEL"Bezel Paper Detector"
37963360CB-SK1-D3 POWER CABLESK1, Power cable adapter to PS-60 power supply
30781870PS60A-24B1 US POWER SUPPLYUniversal 24VDC Output Power Supply
37995100TRL80-L3/1-D100-C2480mm (3.15") x 1" Thermal Roll Labels (~2050 Labels)
37995110TRL80-L3/2-D100-C2480mm (3.15") x 2" Thermal Roll Labels (900 Labels)

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