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SM-S230i Portable Printer

Solutions For:

  • 2 Inch Portable Printer
  • Compact and Lightweight Design
  • Bluetooth 2.1 + EDR/ USB 2.0 Full Speed
  • Barcode/ Graphics Printing Supported
  • High Speed Printing: 80mm/per second
  • Available with WebPRNT Browser App
  • Magnetic Stripe Reader ISO 7810/7811/7812 [ISO 1&2&3 and JIS_II] (SM-S234I-UB40 US only)
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SM-S230i Printer Description

Compact, lightweight, high speed two inch Bluetooth and USB portable printer, the SM-S230i Bluetooth portable printer is compatible with all operating systems including Windows, Android, and iOS. With Apple MFi certification, the SM-S230i can easily connect and pair with the iPad®, iPhone® and iPod touch®.

The SM-S230i is suitable for a wide range of mobile printing applications with no configuration changes required when switching between various operating systems. The clerk will be able to use the SM-S230i with an iOS, Android or Windows device with no set up required using its auto detection Bluetooth feature. This feature eliminates frustration caused from changing your settings when using devices with different operating systems. With an additional convenient connection option for USB 2.0, the SM-S230i can send fast transfer speeds of data and provide security with an easy plug-in USB cable.

Click here to integrate this Star Apple, Inc. MFi certified product.


SM-S230i includes the ability to print receipts or data from a web browser-based application running on a mobile device wirelessly by configuring Star's WebPRNT Browser. Once configured, the user simply pairs their mobile device to the SM-S230i, open the application on WebPRNT Browser and prints from the application.

The SM-S230i features a fast printing speed of 80mm per second with exceptional battery life of 13 hours for long working environments in retail and hospitality settings. Its compact and lightweight design allows employees to carry it comfortably for an entire work shift. With simple “Drop-In & Print” paper loading, the SM-S230i has a printer cover that opens with an easy touch-of-button functionality and does not require the hassle of using two hands to operate. Supporting quality interactive graphics with 1D and 2D barcodes, the SM-S230i is the ideal lightweight, affordable portable printer for any fast paced mPOS business.

Specifications - SM-S230i


Printer Method   Direct Line Thermal Printing
Print Speed   80mm/sec
Print Width   58mm
Print Resolution   203 dpi
Dimensions   80(W) x 114(D) x 44(H) mm
Weight   217g (battery loaded)
Battery Type   Lithium Ion
Battery Duration   13.5 hours printing (5 min intervals)
AC Adapter   4 Hours Full Charge Time
Power Voltage   7.4 V

Paper Specifications

Loading Method
Roll Diameter

Thermal Paper
"Drop-In & Print"
58 mm
0.06 - 0.07mm
39 mm
Interface   Bluetooth Ver 2.1 + EDR Class 2 (10m) / USB 2.0 Full Speed

Print Head

37M Lines

Magnetic Stripe Reader   Reads ISO 7810/7811/7812 [ISO 1&2&3 and JIS_II] (SM-S234I-UB40 US only)
Drop Test   5ft (1.5m) drop test
Supported OS   Supports iOS, Android and Windows
Auto Power Down Mode   Auto sleep mode / Power Down after 1-5 Minutes, Configurable
Included   Battery Pack, Battery Charger, USB Cable, Belt Clip, Paper Roll, Safety Instruction Sheet
Warranty   1 Year Limited Manufacturer Warranty

Car Charger
4 Unit Battery Charger
Extra Battery Pack
Extra Battery Charger
Extra Battery Set
USB Cable
Extend-A-Star Extended Warranty Program (US, Canada and Mexico)
Swap-A-Star Extended Warranty Program (US)

Features - SM-S230i


2-Inch Print Outs   Perfect handheld solution for receipt printing
Compact, Lightweight Design   Slick and stylish design
High Durability   Durable design to withstand harsh conditions and long periods of use
Long-Lasting Battery Life   13.5 hour battery life at 5 minute printing intervals
Power Down Mode   Auto sleep mode / power down after 1-5 minutes, configurable
Direct Thermal Printing   No ribbon required for high quality printouts
Fast Output   Prints text at 80mm/sec
Apple MFi Certified   Supports iOS, Android, Windows and all other operating systems supporting Bluetooth SPP
Barcode / Graphics Printing Support   Print standard barcodes and 1D/2D Barcode Support
“Drop In & Print” Paper Loading   Clamshell design allows for very fast and easy paper loading
Cover Open/ Paper Out Sensor   Alerts the user if the cover was closed improperly and the need for paper
Magnetic Stripe Reader   Reads ISO 7810/7811/7812 [ISO 1&2&3and JIS_II]
(SM-S234I-UB40 US only)
Ready for Use Out of Box   Ships with Battery Pack, Battery Charger, USB Cable, Belt Clip, Paper Roll, Safety Instruction Sheet

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Car Charger

Charge the printer on the go.
Part Number:39569360
Extra Battery Pack

Extra batteries are available to ensure maximum uptime.
Part Number: 39569111
Extra Battery Charger

Individual chargers are available for extra batteries.
Part Number: 39569140
4 Unit Battery Charger

Charge up to four extra batteries at once with this small device.
Part Number:39569171
Battery Charger S US

Part Number: 39569300
Power Adapter for SM-S and SM-T Battery bays and printers
USB Cable 1.0M

USB Cable for SM-S230i
Part Number: 39593060
(Available soon)
Extend-A-Star Extended Warranty

The Extend-A-Star Extended Warranty Program provides full bumper-to-bumper coverage available for 2 years.
Swap-A-Star Extended Warranty

The Swap-A-Star Extended Warranty Program provides next business day replacement coverage available for 2 years.
Paper and Supplies

Part Number: 37962150 - 2-inch

paper roll for SM-S220i High Grade


Part NumberModelDescription
39569141BATTERY HOLDER S2Battery charger (1 bay cradle) for SM-S200, S220i and S230i
395691714P CHARGER S2 USBattery charger (4 bay cradle) for SM-S200, S220i and S230i Includes Power Supply
39569360CAR CHARGER SM-S/T V2Car charger for SM-S200, S220i, S230i, T300, T300i and T400i i
39569112BATTERY PACK S2SM-S230, SM-S220, Battery
39569430BATTERY CHARGER S S23 USSM-S230, Single Bay Battery Charging Cradle with Charger
39593060USB CABLE 1.0M SM-SSM-S230, USB Cable, 1 Meter (Standard USB-A to mini USB)
37965970TRF58-D50-C17 12PkmPOP, 58mm Thermal Paper Roll, Pack of 12

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