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TSP650 Resto Thermal Printers

Solutions For:

  • Certified by the "Revenu Quebec"
  • Work out of the Box with a SRM Box
  • High Reliability and Performance at a Low Cost
  • Fast Printing (150mm/sec)
  • "Drop-In & Print" Paper Loading
  • Swappable Interfaces: Serial, Parallel, Optional Vertical Stand
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TSP650 Resto Printer Description

Revenu Quebec, the tax authority of Quebec, has certified its “TSP650 Resto Quebec” receipt printers as compatible and certified with the sales recording module (SRM) to be installed in all restaurants in the Canadian province under a new rule that took effect on September 1st, 2010. The above Star printers comply with the new regulations, eliminating at least one step restaurant operators have to take to comply with the rule.

Implemented to combat tax evasion, the rule stipulates that restaurant operators in Quebec provide all customers with receipts listing each menu item purchased and its price, as well as applicable taxes paid. All receipts must be generated through the Revenu Quebec-selected SRM, in conjunction with a certified SRM-compatible receipt printer and point of sale system. The SRM is the device underlying the technological solution that Revenu Québec has chosen to ensure that taxes collected are remitted to the government.

The TSP650 Resto Quebec is configured to work out of the box with the SRM module making installation very simple to any reseller and restaurant operators.


Specifications - TSP650 Resto


Printer Method   Direct Line Thermal
Print Speed  

30 Receipts Per Minute (150 mm/sec)

Printer Case Color  

Gray only

Models Available  

Auto Cutter

Print Resolution  

203 dpi

No. of Columns  

48 / 64

Font Size   9 x 24
Character Set   ANK 95, 32 Int 128 Graphic
International Code Pages   ESC/POS™= 6 + 1 blank allowing an additional character page to be added
Bar Codes   9 versions / PDF 417 Option
Line Spacing   3 mm or 4 mm or programmable
Paper Specifications    
Width   80mm standard, Adjustable 58mm with paper guide
Thicknes   0.065 ~ 0.085 mm
Roll Diameter   Up to 83 mm
Easy - Load   "Drop-In & Print"
Paper Out Sensor   Standard
Paper Low Sensor   Standard
Maximum Print Width   80mm paper = 72mm, 58mm paper = 52mm
Top Margin  

11 mm or 13 mm minimum default

Auto Cutter   Guillotine (Partial Cut Only)
Cover Open Sensor   Yes
Logo Store Capacity   2 Mbit Flash ROM with Graphic Management Software
Flash ROM   16 Mbit
Multiple Copy Support   N/A
Journal Capability   N/A
Label Support   N/A
Power Supply   External; Requires PS60A External Power Supply
Drivers Available   None when used with SRM Revenu Quebec box.
Digitally Signed (WHQL)   N/A
Swappable Interfaces   Yes

Serial (set up at 19200 bds), Parallel

 Emulation Modes  

Configured in ESC/POS™ out of box

Peripheral Drive Circuit   2 circuits, (24V max. 1A), 1 Compulsion input
Power Consumption  

Average 1.8 Amp. Printing, 0.15 Amp. Standby

Requires PS60A External Power Supply

Operating Conditions  

Temperature: 5ºC to 45ºC
Humidity: 10% - 90% RH (without condensation)

Storage Conditions  

Temperature: -20ºC to 60ºC
Humidity: 10% - 90% RH



Auto Cutter Model




142 x 132 x 202 (w x h x d)mm

TSP654 – 1.72 kg


Safety Standards


UL, C-UL, TüV, FCC, VCCI, EN55022, CE, Gost

Reliability MCBF

Print Head

Auto Cutter


60 Million Lines


1 Million Cuts

Included with Printer


Installation CD with Drivers and Configuration Utility, Wall Mount Bracket, Vertical Mount Accessory, 58mm Paper Guide, Power Switch Cover, Set Up Guide, Start Up Paper Roll



3 Year Limited Maufacturer Warranty (US and Canada)



External Power Supply (PS60A)

Splash Proof Cover (SPC-T100)

Display Stand for Vertical Use (VS-T650)

Kitchen Buzzer (BU01-24-A)

Swappable Interfaces

24V Mobile Power Supply

Swap-A-Star Extended Warranty Program (US)

Extend-A-Star Extended Warranty Program (US and Canada)




Features and Benefits - TSP650 Resto


High Speed   Can print 30 six inch receipts per minute (150 mm/sec)
High Reliability   MCBF: 60 Million Lines
Guillotine Auto Cutter: 1 Million Cuts
Small Foot Print   Save precious counter space


"Drop-In & Print" Paper Loading   Clamshell design allows for very fast and easy paper loading
Swappable Interface Connections   Future interface upgrades are fast and simple to do. With swappable interfaces, there’s no need to purchase a new printer just to upgrade the connection
Recessed Cable Connections   Helps protect cables from being damaged on the counter top
Horizontal or Vertical Orientation   Use the printer in the orientation that suits you best. An optional eye-pleasing vertical stand (VS-T650) is available for vertical operation.
Wall Mountable   Need more counter space? Create more room by mounting the printer to the wall
Installation CD Included in Box   No need to download drivers or utilities


Simple-to-Use Utilities   Included on Installation CD, free, easy to use
Logo Utility   Store logos and other graphics for professional receipt branding
Memory Switch Utility   Fine-tune your print outs or print in different languages by enabling, changing, or disabling certain settings
Ethernet Interface Set Up Utility   N/A


Models - TSP650 Resto

Part NumberModelDescription
37964370TSP654IID-GRY US RESTO QUEBECThermal, Cutter, Serial, gray Ext PS included, Resto Quebec certified
37964380TSP654IIC-GRY US RESTO QUEBECThermal, Cutter, Parallel, gray Ext PS included, Resto Quebec certified
37963920TRF80-D83-C17 12PKPaper TSP100, TSP650, FVP10, HSP7000 (TSP700): 80mm Width, 230 ft Length, 12 Rolls/Case, Blue Core
37966290TRF80-D83-C17 25PKPaper TSP100, TSP650, FVP10, HSP7000 (TSP700): 80mm Width, 230 ft Length, 25 Rolls/Case, Blue Core
30781870PS60A-24B1 US POWER SUPPLYUniversal 24VDC Output Power Supply
39591100SPC-T100Splash Proof cover (TSP650, TSP100U, TSP100LAN & TSP100GT)
39590530VS-T650Vertical Stand Kit (TSP650, TSP100U, TSP100LAN & TSP100GT)
39594002BU01-24-ATicket Alarm
39607200IFBDHD03 I/F BOARDRS232 Serial Interface Board (TSP650/TSP700/TSP800/TUP500 Series)
39607211IFBDHC03 I/F BOARDParallel Interface Board (TSP650/TSP700/TSP800/TUP500 Series)
39607820IFBD-HU07 I/F BOARDUSB Interface Board (TSP650/TSP700/TSP800/TUP500 Series)
39607803IFBD-HE07 INTERFACE BOARDEthernet Interface Board (TSP650/TSP700II/TSP800II/TSP828/TUP500 Series)
87998100THERMAL 3 YR EXTEND-A-STARExtends limited warranty to full warranty. Valid in US / CA / MX / ROLA. See terms & conditions for details.
87998190THERMAL 3 YR SWAP-A-STARExtends limited warranty to full warranty including next business day replacement. Valid in US only. See terms & conditions for details.

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