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Specs at a Glance
  • Enables Printing from Web-based Applications Via HTTP   
  •     Requests
  • WebPRNT Ethernet Interface
  • Compatible with Any Device or Operating System
  • Available for Receipt, Label and Kitchen Printer Models

    Printer Description
    Star Micronics presents its WebPRNT technology to support businesses adopting thin client/ web-based systems for point of sale. Web-based services are becoming more commonplace in point of sale as businesses streamline their operations and create mobile friendly environments for their customers.

    Star Micronics delivers WebPRNT, an innovative technology enabling device-agnostic receipt printing technology that supports HTTP requests used in web-based applications.
    Easy to read, maintain and modify; WebPRNT allows developers to use XML tags or Star’s WebPRNT Javascript library to integrate their web-based application and begin printing from their application to Star's WebPRNT enabled printer. In addition to web-based applications, Star’s WebPRNT technology also supports HTTP requests from native applications.

    Ease of Use 
    WebPRNT eliminates the need to install drivers or download software. WebPRNT enables printing from any local device hosting a web-based or native application to any Star WebPRNT enabled printer.
    Low Equipment Cost
    Competitively priced, WebPRNT enables printing from any application compatible with all operating platforms without the need for expensive multi-platform development costs.
    Simply integrate WebPRNT by sending XML tags that are easy to understand and maintain from your application or, if you are creating a web based application, use WebPRNT’s ready-made Javascript library, which can format and send the receipt data via a simple to use API. WebPRNT hosts an HTTPserver that can accept HTTP requests enabling printing from a web-based or native application on any device or platform.
    WebPRNT technology allows users to print from their application to any Star WebPRNT enabled printer from any device (Mac, PC, tablet, smartphone, etc.) regardless of its operating platform (Windows, iOS, Android, etc.).

    Star's TSP650II WebPRNT offers fast, reliable thermal receipt printing from web-based point of sale systems. It is ideal for high traffic retail locations where speed and reliability are essential for business. Easy to integrate, Star's WebPRNT technology makes customer receipt printing from a web-based application a snap.
    Star’s SP700 WebPRNT is specifically designed to function in the kitchen where heat and humidity can erode the type on a printed order. This fast, two-color printer offers crisp, easy to read type for quick viewing, clamshell design for easy paper loading and an embedded power supply for space efficiency. With WebPRNT technology, the SP700 WebPRNT can support restaurants using a web-based application to provide a seamless transition from front of house to back of house operation.
    Star’s TSP700II WebPRNT is ideal for servicing label printing in a variety of applications ranging from date labels on prepared foods at a local deli to price labels in a retail boutique. The TSP700II WebPRNT supports 2D barcodes, PD417 and QR codes. With WebPRNT technology, the TSP700II WebPRNT makes label printing for a web-based application fast and easy. 
    Star’s TSP800II WebPRNT is ideal for wide format printing of receipts and invoices requiring a large quantity of information. The TSP800II WebPRNT eliminates the need to install drivers or download software and enables printing from any local device hosting a web-based or native application.
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    WebPRNT Ethernet Interface

    Enables Printing from Web-based Applications Via HTTP Requests

    Easy to Integrate Developers can use either XML tags or WebPRNT's Javascript library to integrate WebPRNT with their web-based application


    Thermal Receipt Printing:                     TSP650II WebPRNT

    Impact Kitchen Printing:                      SP700 WebPRNT
    Thermal Label Printing:                       TSP700II WebPRNT
    Wide Fromat Thermal Invoice Printing:      TSP800II WebPRNT

    Part Number Model Description
    37963901 TSP654IIWEBPRNT 24 GRY US   TSP650, Thermal, Cutter, Ethernet, WebPRNT, Gray, Ext PS included
    37963911  TSP654IIWEBPRNT 24 WHT US    TSP650, Thermal, Cutter, Ethernet, WebPRNT, White, Ext PS included 
    37964711 SP742WEBPRNT GRY Impact, Friction, Cutter, WebPRNT, Gray, Int UPS.
    37963941 TSP743IIWEBPRNT GRY TSP700, Thermal, Friction, Cutter, WebPRNT, Gray, Ext PS (not included)  
    37965170 TSP843IIWEBPRNT GRY TSP800, Thermal, Friction, Cutter, WebPRNT, Gray, Ext PS (not included)   
    SP700_Product_Sheet.pdf372.54 KBDownload
    TSP700II_Product_Sheet.pdf385.46 KBDownload
    TSP650II_WebPRNT_Product_Sheet.pdf435.04 KBDownload
    TSP800II_Product_Sheet.pdf379.61 KBDownload
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