Multifunction Hybrid

Comprised of both direct thermal and impact dot matrix technologies, hybrid printers deliver the convenience of producing thermal receipts for customers while also having the ability for slip printing with the impact station to permanently endorse or validate documents like checks. These printers are commonly seen in large retail chains and department stores servicing a wide age range of patrons.

A hybrid printer is essentially two printers combined into one slick unit. The thermal station is positioned in the top back with the impact station in the lower front. Direct thermal technology – the industry standard for retail receipt printing – prints crisp and clear receipts with company logos, coupons, and barcodes at blazing fast speed with no ribbon. By contrast, the impact station prints on slips only (no paper rolls), requires a ribbon, and is often outfitted to read MICR (Magnetic Ink Character Recognition) characters on checks. Both technologies offered together make it the perfect solution for servicing customers who wish to pay by check.

The most sophisticated hybrid printers will read MICR characters and endorse checks in one pass.

What are the benefits of Star Micronics Multifunction Hybrid Printers?

 Endorse or validate checks and read the MICR in one pass, whether your business is retail or banking; cashiers and tellers never need to manually flip checks
 Non-MICR model available for endorsement applications not requiring MICR reading: Parking payment stubs, forms validation, and more
 Blazing fast print speed
 Ultra high reliability with high accuracy MICR Reader

 Excellent print quality
 Easily brand receipts with logos and coupons
 Economical yet packed with features

What are the general disadvantages of multifunction hybrid technology?

- Large footprint due to the combination of a thermal and impact printer

- Combination of two different technologies means needing supplies for both (Thermal paper rolls and impact printer ribbon)


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