Thermal Card

Thermal card technology is the answer to replacing boring paper cards and environmentally harmful plastic keychains. These printers are based on direct thermal technology but instead of printing on paper rolls like typical POS printers, they’re designed to write to the face and magnetic stripe of cardstock… however, the real magic is in their capability to erase and rewrite the face of these cards up to 500 times! This feature opens the door to multiple innovative and fun marketing ideas for loyalty programs and membership cards.
Star’s thermal card printers actually have two print heads to print the face of the card. When the card is inserted in the slot, it’s pulled all the way to the back of the printer by rollers and sent forward again. Passing by the first print head, the card is heated to a high temperature making any printed image virtually disappear. It then passes the second print head which supplies a much lower temperature to print a new image. Finally, the card is presented back to the user with updated information.
Star’s TCP printers even have the ability to read and write to magnetic stripes, allowing retailers to quickly identify their customers with only a swipe at the point of sale.
The TCP series from Star is clean, simple, effective, and earth friendly. It requires no messy or harmful inks and cuts down on waste. Punch cards are used up and discarded or lost because they look like every other card. TCP printed cards have a high quality feel and leave a striking impression on patrons; they’ll be reminded of the retailer that gave them the loyalty or membership card, even when digging quickly through their wallets. TCP printed cards look and feel different from mainstream cards and are helping businesses differentiate themselves every day.

The Star Micronics TCP Series is the Perfect Solution for:
 Loyalty Applications
 Membership Cards
 Temporary Identification Cards
 Appointment Reminder Cards
 Event Credentials
 Mass Transit Pass
 Gaming Players’ Cards
 ...And More!


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