Ethernet is a very popular data transfer method for an establishment with multiple printers and terminals that need to communicate with each other, such as a restaurant with a kitchen. Based on the original IEEE 802 LAN (Local Area Network) standard, Ethernet enables data to be transferred and shared over a network of multiple stations. Information is broadcasted from one connection point and can be received by any individual station on the network.

This standard has been revised multiple times to increase reliability and performance, but continues to support the same basic peer-to-peer communication method for each terminal on the network. One of the most popular forms of LAN in use today is 100Base-T which uses twisted pair wiring similar to phone lines. 100Base-T is also known as “Fast Ethernet” and supports transfer speed of 100 megabits/second, a lightning fast rate for Point of Sale data.

Star Micronics is the first printer manufacturer to introduce “Keep Alive” functionality for its Ethernet POS printers. If a communication, cable or disconnect issue occurs on the network, the Star Micronics Ethernet printer will detect this and print a warning message to let the user know a problem has occurred. This feature is especially important for users located a distance away from the transmitting terminal, such as kitchen staff, who may not realize immediately that a network error is the reason why no tickets are printing. 

How to Connect
           Star Printer-Side                                                                     Terminal-Side

Why Use a Star Micronics Ethernet Printer?

 Get up and running quickly with the easiest user-friendly Ethernet Configuration Utility available
 “Keep Alive” innovative functionality available only on Star POS Printers
 100Base-T Fast Ethernet supported: 100 megabits/second
 High printer speed, performance, and reliability


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