RS232C serial communication was once a very popular connection choice for POS printers due to its flexibility at the time, but is being steadily phased out to newer standards like Ethernet and USB. Most computers no longer ship with an RS232C serial port unless specially ordered.

Some integrators are still installing terminals and printers with serial support today due to its ease of implementation and long cable runs. Additionally, some legacy POS Software still is configured to send and receive data only via the serial COM port. While RS232C is limited in its transfer speed, it is still a reliable means of communicating and can suffice for simple printouts without graphics, such as kitchen tickets.

Serial has a slow transfer speed and does not support printing graphics like logos or TrueType fonts, meaning less functionality for users running legacy software only supporting this communication method. To assist these users, Star Micronics provides a Virtual Serial Port Utility allowing for a fast and feature-packed Ethernet or USB Star printer to very easily be connected to an application supporting only serial. Setting up a Virtual Serial Port is literally done in less than a minute and has been proven to be a reliable convenience for countless installations.

How to Connect
                  Star Printer-Side                                                                     Terminal-Side
                   Star Serial Cable (Printer-Side) 

Why Use a Star Micronics Serial Printer?

 Simple installation
High printer performance
High reliability figures
Compatibility with industry-accepted standards for easy replacement of older printers


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