Paper Reduction

“Going green” could be a costly and timely process for many retail or hospitality establishments, but Star Micronics is helping to ease this burden by providing easy ways to run a more sustainable business… starting at the point of sale!

Paper usage is a receipt printer’s largest negative burden on the environment in terms of waste generation. Taking this fact into consideration, Star designed ways to reduce the severity of receipt paper’s ecological impact while maintaining user comfort and familiarity.

 Reduced Top Margin

The top margin is the white space starting from the paper’s top edge down to the first line of printed text. It is the no-man’s land of the receipt world: unused by the printer and neglected by the customer. In the past, typical receipt printers had top margins ranging anywhere from 11~15 mm, resulting in lots of unnecessary waste over time.

Realizing this, Star defined the default top margin size of the TSP100ECO, the world’s first Dedicated Eco Printer, to 3mm and made the feature available on other printer models in our lineup. The result? Conserving between 8~12 mm per receipt without any effort or adjustment from the retail shop or restaurant owner! Multiply that by every receipt printed per day and see how a little conservation adds up to a lot of savings – both to paper and money – quickly.

Star is the only printer manufacturer who provides a reduced top margin solution for both Full Cut and Partial Cut printers, satisfying any application’s needs.

 Receipt Length and Width Compression

Many Star Printers also enable retailers to automatically reduce the size of their receipts without requiring any modification to existing POS software! Store owners have the ability to compress receipts horizontally, vertically, or both ways for maximum paper conservation benefits. These settings are made in Star’s futurePRNT or StarPRNT Utility Software with easy-to-use dropdown boxes.

Reduction of both vertical and horizontal space can reduce current receipt size by a total of 75% without compromising image quality, saving a large amount of paper and money!

 On Demand Printing

Each day, cashiers provide receipts to patrons for small purchases… A fast food lunch, a bottle of water, a candy bar for a child. These receipts are almost immediately discarded.

The TSP100ECO addresses this wasteful situation by offering an intuitive option for prompting the cashier to print the receipt or not, again with NO modification to the existing POS Software.

Should the customer wish to not have the receipt printed, the cashier can simply hit the “No” button to skip the print job. The transaction data can then be automatically saved into a journal which allows the store or restaurant owner to:
       - Browse through a log of saved transactions
       - Reprint a copy of any saved receipt for reporting purposes
       - Understand when a customer wants a receipt
       - Understand when coupon printing will be most effective

While this convenience is made available in most areas of the world, some countries have specific laws banning the reprinting or logging of such transaction data. Star has endeavored to respect these regulations, so this feature may not be available in your country should such a law exist.


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