Energy Efficiency

The cost to power only one receipt printer is quite small, even when viewed on a yearly scale. However, both large and small retailers and restaurant owners can benefit from Star’s energy efficient solutions!

  • Large establishments can see drastic savings results when the electricity cost and CO2 savings for one unit is multiplied by the amount of printers installed across many stores.

  • Small establishments can start or add to their green efforts by implementing a Star energy efficient printer, without making a large monetary investment or changing any aspect of company operation.


An international standard for the promotion of energy efficiency, ENERGY STAR qualification is a highly respected achievement for any product. In order for a product to obtain the qualification mark, it must meet strict energy requirements set by the government. For more information, visit the official ENERGY STAR website here.

The TSP100ECO was the first receipt printer with an internal power supply to be ENERGY STAR qualified, enabling users to save energy, money and space at the point of sale!

 Smart Power Management

The most effective energy conservation rule is “Turn it off if it’s not in use.” Depending on customer traffic, many receipt printers spend a large part of the day drawing current but not actually printing. This situation is expected to only increase as On Demand Printing becomes more and more popular as time progresses.

Star introduced a new and innovative technique to power management with the TSP100ECO: When the printer is not in use after a short period of time, it enters a very low power standby state, comparable to a computer’s sleep mode. When a print job is finally sent, the TSP100ECO immediately goes back to its online state and prints at its high speed of 28 Receipts per Minute… No time or performance sacrificed!
 (Above: The TSP100ECO’s Smart Power Management System)
Star’s Portable Printers have similar functionality named Auto Power Down Mode. Users can configure the printer to enter sleep mode after 1~5 minutes of inactivity and instantly wake up again when a print job is sent. This simple feature greatly extends battery life and is easy to enable.


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