Star Micronics Technical Glossary

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All-in-One Box
Describes Star printers such as the TSP100 Series that ship with everything needed in the box

Application Note
An instructional document explaining how to use Star printers

Audio Instruction
Easily programmable on the FVP10 to guide and inform customers

Auto Side Loading™
Automatic document loading and instant top-of-form alignment on the Star SP298 and SCP700 models

Cuts paper automatically after it has printed. Either full or partial cut or both is possible on some Star printer models

Automatic Document Capture
The document capture function on Star kiosk printers automatically retrieves unwanted print-outs after a pre-selected time period, and drops them into a secure disposal bin within the kiosk

Automatic Label Peeler
Automatically peels labels away from backing sheets making mass mailing and labeling much quicker

Autotext Reversal
Software tool which enables some Star printers to print the text upside down when the printer is in a wall mounted or vertical position


An alternative to a presenter, a bezel is fitted between the kiosk slot and Star printer to guide paper out of the kiosk. Programmable LED lighting to capture the user's attention is supported

Black Mark Sensor
Detects black timing marks between labels for fixed-length output

A secure wireless communication method for devices within a close range of each other


Carbon Offset
A program sponsored by Star Micronics to offset the manufacturing and disposal process of the TSP100ECO for five years

Check Endoresment
Done by the retailer with the HSP7000 hybrid printer; printing a store's name on the back of a check before sending it to the bank

Check Franking
Done by the bank with the HSP7000 hybrid printer; printing the retailer's account information on the front of a check after depositing money into the account

Patented printer mechanism which allows paper rolls to be simply dropped into place instead of having to "feed" the paper through

Compact Footprint
The size of the base of the printer which sits on the counter

An innovative Star solution to reducing cost and resources associated with receipt paper (See Horizontal Compression and Vertical Compression)

Compulsion Switch
Device which is fitted to a cash drawer to detect if it is open or not

Configuration Utility
A user-friendly complimentary software tool provided by Star to enable users to easily customize printouts and printer performance

Coupon Marketing Tools
Automatically prints coupons based on the retailers pre-determined product or purchase offers which are relevant to that particular transaction. This action is triggered by certain key words


Device Pairing
The method which adds security to Bluetooth communication between two devices

Digitally Signed Driver
Granted after USB devices achieve WHQL certification, ensuring fast and safe installation on Windows operating systems

Dip Switch
A set of physical switches often found on the bottom of printers or interface cards to change printer settings

Direct Thermal Line Printing
Direct Thermal Printers use a heated print head to create a character/image directly onto thermal paper. Unlike Thermal Transfer Printers they do not need a heated ribbon

Document Validation
Done with the HSP7000 hybrid printer; printing any message such as "VOID" on a document. One example is time-dependent parking garage passes

Dot Matrix
An impact printer that uses a print head made up of tiny pins which transfers ink from a ribbon by running it back and forth over the page

Double Resolution Mode
Even further increases print quality on supporting Star printers from 203 dpi to 406 dpi; useful for printing high quality images and maps

Dpi Print Quality
Dots per inch. Number of individual dots or pixels that can be produced within a linear one-inch (2.54 cm) space which is used in order to measure print quality

Software that is installed on an Operating System enabling a printer to print from it; Star provides Windows, Linux, and Mac drivers

"Drop In and Print" Paper Loading
See Clamshell

Drop Test
A test in which a portable printer is dropped multiple times to determine its durability in the field


Eco Reporting Tool
A utility available by Star that measures how much money and paper were saved depending on paper compression settings

Eco-Friendly Point of Sale / Service
POS hardware that has reduced impact on the environment

ECR Systems
Electronic Cash Register - used for transactions at the point of sale

Electronic Journal
See Journal and Multi-Copy Tool

Embedded Power Supply
A power supply that is installed inside of the printer, reducing space taken up by an external power brick

Allows a printer to work with software that was written for another printer

A government-backed hardware certification program helping to increase energy efficiency and decrease environmental impact

Electronic Point of Sale - equipment used at the point of sale to process transactions

A local area network (LAN) where all devices are connected to a central cable which allows data to be transferred from one device to another

External Power Supply
A power supply that is installed outside of the printer, most commonly in the form of a brick


Font Replacement Tool
Allows the user to replace any non True Type font featured on the receipt with a more attractive/effective font without amending their current software

Front Exit
A printer that ejects receipts from the front for user convenience

Full Cut
A cut completely across the receipt paper by the auto cutter, leaving it unattached to the rest of the receipt roll

futurePRNT™ is the driver based printer software developed by Star Micronics which enables the user to install high volume custom set-ups


Guillotine Cutter
High quality autocutter which cuts the receipt once it has finished printing so the user does not have to tear it manually


Removal of halogen elements from manufacturing to reduce a product's negative environmental impact during the disposal process

Hexadecimal Dump Mode
A mode in which Star printers will output the exact code being sent to them; a very useful solution for programmers in the debugging phase

Horizontal Compression
Ability to reduce print width size to save on the amount of money and resources consumed by paper

Hybrid Printer
A printer which has both a thermal and a dot-matrix print head allowing it to be multifunctional (for simultaneous receipt and cheque printing etc.)


Impact Printer
Uses a print head made up of a number of metal pins that strikes an ink ribbon to create a printed character on a page

The means by which a Star printer connects: Ethernet, Wireless, Bluetooth, USB, PoweredUSB, Serial, Parallel

Interface Cover
A protective cover that snaps on to the back of some Star printer models to further protect ports and cables

IpX1 Rating
An industry rating that certifies a printer as liquid drip-resistant


Java Point of Sale Devices are used for interfacing point of sale software. It is written in Java, which is compatible with any operating platform

Journal and Multi-Copy Tool
The multi-copy tool allows the user to determine how many copies of each receipt are to be printed and can specify that different text and graphics are used for each individual copy. The journal tool allows the user to create an electronic journal. This stores transaction data as a bitmap file, which can be searchable by calendar date and printed out


Keep Alive
A feature of Star ethernet printers, "Keep Alive" alerts users if any issues on the network occur by printing a small warning ticket

Kensington Lock Slot
A lock slot enabling doctors to lock the TSP800Rx Prescription Printer to a counter for maximum security

Key Link
The secret code that two Bluetooth devices must share in order to communicate

Kiosk Printer
A printer which is housed inside an electronic kiosk alongside a computer terminal used for either a commercial or public service

Kitchen Buzzer
A device that connects to the printer and sounds when a ticket is printed, ensuring the kitchen staff never miss a guest's order


Ladder Barcode
A barcode that is printed with its lines in vertical orientation, resembling a ladder

Lithium Ion Battery
The latest battery technology being used in modern-day portable printers, laptops, cell phones, and more

Locking Paper Chamber
The ultimate security measure for the TSP800Rx: the cover cannot be opened unless the chamber is unlocked with a key to deter prescription paper theft

Lines per second - measurement of print speed


Magnetic Stripe Reader (MSR)
Hardware, included on a device like a portable printer, capable of reading the magnetic stripe on the back of plastic cards

A machine readable 2-Dimensional barcode that is made up of hexagonal elements rather than bars. Can store more data than conventional barcodes

Mean Cycle Between Failure - measurement of printer reliability

A solution allowing integrators to customize printer installation to fit any application requirements

Memory Switch
A set of software switches found in Star Configuration Utilities to change printer settings

Magnetic Ink Character Recognition is used in cheque-reading devices in order to process cheques

Microsoft WHQL
Windows Hardware Quality Lab is a testing facility for hardware and drivers to see if they are compatible with the Windows operating platforms

Mobile Printer
A printer that is powered by a battery or vehicle

The ability to perform functions once thought to be static anywhere, such as receipt printing with portable printers

Multi-Ply Paper
2, 3, or 4 copies printed by an impact printer at one time


Original Equipment Manufacturer

On Board Interface
An interface that is installed permanently on the printer by default

On Demand Printing
The ability to print receipts upon customer request, to reduce money and resources consumed by paper usage

One Dimensional Barcode
A simple type of barcode that holds a limited amount of information. Types of 1D Barcodes include: JAN/EAN8, JAN/EAN13, UPC-A/E, NW-7, Interleaved 2/5(ITF), CODE 39/93/128

Open Frame
A printer without plastic casing which can be integrated into kiosks etc

Short for OLE for retail Point Of Sale. The first widely-adopted POS device standard and uses COM technology


Paper Guide
A small guard that is installed in a printer to reduce its print width

A once very popular connection choice for POS printers due to its flexibility at the time, but is being steadily phased out to newer standards like Ethernet and USB

Partial Cut
A cut performed across nearly the entire width of the receipt paper by the auto cutter, leaving a small part of the printed receipt attached to the paper roll

A machine readable 2-Dimensional barcode that is made up of hexagonal elements rather than bars. Can store more data than conventional barcodes

Picket Fence Barcode
A barcode that is printed with its lines in horizontal orientation, resembling a picket fence

Platform Roof
A printer with a flat roof, making it ideal for mounting additional POS devices on top or installing it below a counter to conserve space at the POS

Plug and Play
A capability for an Operating System to recognize a device when it is simply plugged into a port

PNE Sensor
Paper Near End Sensor which detects when the printing paper is close to running out

Portable Printer
See Mobile Printer

Point of Sale or Point of Service - the place where transactions are processed

POS for .NET
The .NET implementation of the OPOS industry standard

Power Switch Cover
Small plastic cover which protects the power switch on a printer, preventing the printer from being accidentally switched off

A communication method based on standard USB technology that can also power a device, eliminating the need for a separate power cable

Pre-Installation Set-Up Tool
Enables developed software settings to be stored on the PC and copied across to other printers for mass system installations

Prescription Printer
A secure printer that is capable of printing scripts to reduce errors at the pharmacy due to illegible handwriting


Rear Feed Slot
A slot available on some Star printers enabling operators to use a large paper roll or fanfold paper

Receipt Re-design
Allows the user to re-design their receipts and change embedded text and graphics without changing their software

Recessed Cable Connections
Ports that are built into a printer with a covering to protect them and the cables

Recyclable Packaging
Printer packaging made of biodegradable materials to reduce negative environmental impact

A device that can collect a second copy of every receipt printed to an Impact Dot Matrix printer, useful for end of day reports

A method of measuring the output speed of receipt printers by taking into account the time taken to produce an entire receipt from the moment it is requested by the software to when it is produced

RS422A Interface
A serial interface that is used to transmit data over a long distance


Scalable Raster Driver
A scalable raster driver has the ability to format an A4 or smaller page or screen image in the same way as a standard PC printer and then print that image on to much narrower paper

Software development kit - a programming package that allows a software technician to develop applications

A once very popular connection choice for POS printers due to its flexibility at the time, but is being steadily phased out to newer standards like Ethernet and USB

Splash Proof Cover
A cover that is easily installed over a Star printer, making it even more resistant against water or airborne debris

Star Micronics
A leading POS receipt printer manufacturer and respected industry leader that introduced the first dedicated POS Printer ever named the DP8340, All-In-One Box Eco-Friendly Printer named the TSP100ECO, amazing futurePRNT Software and so much more!

Star Presenters
A feature in Star kiosk printers which protects the document during the printing process from any customer contact by looping the paper within the printer and "presenting" it after the receipt, ticket or document has been printed and cut

A very powerful API created by Star to reduce programmers' development time when implementing a Star printer

StarPRNT Intelligence
An all-inclusive driver and utility package provided for Star printers

Swappable Interface
Interfaces capable of being switched, enabling users to upgrade to a different interface without replacing the entire printer


Thermal Card Printer
A printer capable of writing and rewriting the face of thermal cardstock as well as reading and writing to the magnetic stripe

Thermal Printer
Thermal printers use specially coated thermal paper that is selectively heated by the print head. The heat causes the paper to change colour, creating an image

Ticket Stacker
A device situated at the top of a printer that can collect a large amount of tickets, a must-have feature for lottery or event ticketing applications

Top Margin
The neglected amount of space between the top edge of the receipt paper and first printed line; reducing this wasted space reduces paper usage and costs

Transmissive Sensor
Detects gaps between labels for fixed-length output

Two Dimensional Barcode
A barcode that can hold a large amount of information by using both horizontal and vertical space. Examples of 2D Barcodes include: PDF417, QR Code


Under Counter Mountable
A printer with a flat roof with a drawer-like opening paper chamber which is easily installed under a counter to save space at the POS

Uninterruptible power supply is a battery powered backup device which feeds power to electrical equipment (usually computers) in the event of a power failure

Universal Serial Bus. A data transfer interface used for connecting peripherals to a computer. It has become the preferred serial interface connection


Vertical Compression
Ability to reduce print length size to save on the amount of money and resources consumed by paper

Vertical Stand
A special stand to secure printers to operate in vertical orientation

Virtual Serial Port Emulator
A Virtual Serial Port Emulator allows a COM port to be split between a number of virtual serial ports and Ethernet or USB interface use whilst still retaining legacy software (old computer programs that are still in use)

Visual Card
A visual card can hold information on a magnetic strip or IC chip which is then displayed when putting it in a visual card reader. It has a display panel which can display a message of the users choice

A printer that is easily programmable to guide and inform customers with recorded sound


Wall Mount Bracket
A bracket provided to securely install a printer to a wall, reducing space on the counter

A certification mark to distinguish devices that comply with IEEE 802.11 standards and will function correctly when connected to a WLAN

Wireless Local Area Network: Allows two or more devices to communicate over a network without attaching a cable to each device