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Technical Updates

star icon futurePRNT V7.2 Released

January 15, 2017
futurePRNT has been updated to support Micro Receipt function for Star Cloud Services.
star icon Star WebPRNT SDK V1.3.2 Released

December 28, 2016
The WebPRNT JavaScript libraries have been updated with new functionality and to accommodate changing security requirements from Apple. Please update from the Global Support Site.
star icon StarPRNT for mPOP V1.4 Released

December 27, 2016
StarPRNT for mPOP has been updated.
star icon Star PassPRNT SDK for iOS/Android V2.0 Released

December 15, 2016
Star PassPRNT is now on sale on App Store/Google Play.
star icon StarPRNT SDK for Windows Modern UI V5.1.0 Released

December 01, 2016
The StarPRNT SDK for Windows Modern UI V5.1.0 has been released. This package includes AllReceipts support.
star icon StarPRNT SDK for Android V5.1.0 Released

November 24, 2016
The StarPRNT SDK for Android V5.1.0 released to add support for Android 7.0 and support for Command Emulator on SMCS. This package includes SDK V3.15.2 for existing users.
star icon CUP Drivers V4.0.0 Released for Mac OS

October 06, 2016
The CUPS driver V4.0.0 for Mac OS has been released to support AllReceipts.
star icon StarIO SDK for Mac V1.1 Released

June 05, 2016
StarIO SDK for Mac V1.1 released to add support for Bluetooth I/F and support for TSP650II and mPOP
star icon Mobile CUPS Driver for Mac Released

March 10, 2016
The Mobile CUPS driver for Mac V3.5.1 has been released.
star icon JavaPOS Driver for Portable Released

March 08, 2016
The JavaPOS Driver for Portable V1.13.8 has been released.
star icon StarPRNT V3.2 Released

February 11, 2016
StarPRNT has been updated and released to support AllReceipts multi languages
star icon StarPRNT for Portable V2.0 Released

February 07, 2016
StarPRNT for Portable V2.0 released to support Windows 10 and AllReceitpts
star icon Windows SDK (C# for POS Printers) Released

February 07, 2016
Windows SDK (C# for POS printers) released to support mPOP
star icon CUP Drivers V3.5.0 Released for Linux/Mac OS

April 22, 2015
The 3.5.0 update includes the addition of FVP10BI support.
star icon JavaPOS Driver V1.13.8 Released

April 22, 2015
The 1.13.8 update includes the addition of FVP10BI support.