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Technical Updates

star icon iOS SDK V3.12.0 Released

September 10, 2014
The iOS SDK V3.12.0 has been released. Visit our Developers Section to download this package.
star icon StarPRNT V2.2 Released

August 07, 2014
StarPRNT has been updated and released to support Bluetooth interface for TSP700II, TSP800II and SP700
star icon Android SDK V3.12.0 Released

July 24, 2014
The Android SDK V3.12 (revised) has been released. This update includes the addition of dop printer support. Visit our Developers Section to download this package.
star icon WebPRNT SDK V0.3.0 Released

January 29, 2014
The SDK for WebPRNTV.0.3.0 has been released to support UTF-8 (2-byte characters). Supported printer models: TSP650II, TSP700II, TSP800II, FVP10, SP700 and AsuraCPRNT.
star icon JavaPOS Driver V1.13.6 Released

December 13, 2013
The 1.13.6 update includes the addition of the supported Star product "DK-AirCash".
star icon futurePRNT V5.5 Released Windows 8.1 Support

October 31, 2013
futurePRNT has been updated and released. Version 5.5 applies to the TSP100ECO, TSP100U, TSP100LAN and TSP100GT.
star icon WebPRNT SDK Released

August 26, 2013
The SDK for WebPRNTV.0.1.0 has been released. Supported printer models: TSP650II, TSP700II and FVP10.
star icon Star Micronics Adds Android and iOS Printer SDKs

December 09, 2011
Did you know Star offers Android and iOS Printer SDKs? Check out the Developers Section on this website to download them for free!