Direct Thermal

As the preferred technology for many point of sale applications, direct thermal printers are everywhere: Retail Stores, Restaurants, Grocery Stores, Banks, Stand Alone Kiosks, Movie Theaters, ATMs, and more.  Their ability to produce clear printouts at fast speeds enables establishment owners to get their customers through the checkout process quickly, sending them on their way with high quality coupons, receipts, or tickets in their hands.
Direct Thermal printers require only specially coated thermal paper to print. The thermal print head heats up and reacts with chemicals on the paper to produce the printout – No ink or ribbons required! The removal of these components cuts down on precious time spent by employees for changing consumables, allowing them more time to focus on who and what is most important: the customer and his or her positive experience.
How does it work?
The thermal print head heats and reacts with chemicals on the face of the thermal paper; this change in temperature results in letters, numbers, barcodes, and graphics appearing on the receipt or ticket. Since no ink or ribbon is required, printouts are clean, crisp, and never run or smear.

What are the benefits of Star Micronics Thermal Printers?

 Blazing fast print speed
 Ultra high reliability
 Excellent print quality
 Easily brand receipts with logos and coupons
 Easy to use and maintain
 Economical yet packed with features

What are the general disadvantages of direct thermal technology?

- Thermal paper is easily affected by the environment: heat, sunlight, moisture, etc
- Print image fades over time
- Print image can be affected by dirt or oil on fingertips


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