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Mobile POS is an extremely exciting innovation, encompassing new portable devices and wireless technologies such as tablets and smart phones that allow salespeople to step out from behind the register and actively engage with customers on the floor. A cloud computing system with Wireless or Bluetooth connectivity provides a truly versatile system with no strings – or cords – attached.
And that’s the beauty of mobile printers too. They go where the salesperson goes so customers are never left alone with those precious seconds of thought that can make the difference between buying or not.
Most mobile printers can be attached to a belt or slung about the shoulders for convenience. They come in multiple widths, the most common being 2 inch, 3 inch, and 4 inch. Most models are powered by rechargeable Lithium-Ion batteries that are capable of lasting long shifts when usage starts on a full charge. Typical communication offerings are Bluetooth and Wireless LAN (Wi-Fi) with a mini serial port to connect directly to a PC for initial set up if needed.

How do different industries benefit from using a mobile printer?
In reality, there are many ways to integrate and use mobile printers to improve customer satisfaction, maximize productivity and vastly improve the overall efficiency and performance of a business. Two possible scenarios are:
Retail: Immediate Service and Line/Queue Busting
Scenario: The holiday shopping season often causes long lines, resulting in irritated customers. A salesperson equipped with a Star Portable Printer and tablet rings up orders, performs payment processing and prints a receipt without being trapped behind a counter. Salespeople are now available on the floor to interact with customers, answer questions on the fly and provide convenience by enabling them to skip the line and pay on demand.
Hospitality: Table-Side Ordering and Payment Processing
Scenario: A waiter equipped with a Star Portable Printer enters a guest’s order directly on a handheld device and sends it to the kitchen. Later, he runs a card payment and prints a receipt. All of these actions are done without ever leaving the table-side resulting in improved order input accuracy and time, less time required to run payments, and higher security for customers who are happy their credit card never leaves the table.
Equipping a staff with mobile devices facilitates in building personal relationships with patrons by making workers available to better assist on demand, resulting in higher customer satisfaction.

What are the benefits of Star Micronics Mobile/Portable Printers?

 Available in 2 Inch, 3 Inch, or 4 Inch to fit any application

 Optional MSR (Magnetic Stripe Reader) models with secure encryption and decryption functionality
 Fast speed
 High reliability
 Great battery life
 Eco-Friendly “Auto Power Down Mode” puts the printer in standby mode when not in use; battery life can be extended almost twice as long in many scenarios
 Economical yet packed with features


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