Self-service kiosks provide convenience to many applications by eliminating lines and providing service at the customer’s demand. Kiosks are completely customizable and come in virtually any shape, size, and functionality for any application. Fully enclosed units with a touch screen and printer locked up inside, a touch screen terminal with a printer mounted below it, a standalone PC with a printer beside it on a counter… The configurations are many to best fit what is most convenient for customers.
Kiosk printers are usually direct thermal (though some applications still call for impact dot matrix at times) due to its high quality image printing. They come in multiple widths but are most typically used within the 2 inch to 4 inch wide range. Considering that they are left unattended for long periods of time, kiosk printers should support large paper rolls and status reporting to ensure maximum up time. Most printers are available with presenters to reduce the likelihood of paper jamming. Advanced presenters are able to retract forgotten or unwanted printed receipts, pulling them into a basin in the kiosk to enhance customer security and reduce litter.
Perhaps the most popular examples of self-service kiosks are ATMs and ticket/boarding pass printing at the airport or train station, but these convenient solutions are also seen in supermarkets, hotel lobbies, libraries, rental shops, retail stores, cafeterias, hospitals and clinics, and the list goes on and on! Examples of printouts are customer receipts, coupons, tickets, maps, check-in and check-out invoices, “Take a Number” queue chits, and many more.
 New printer technology actually incorporates sound with printing which is a useful feature for unattended applications. The Star Micronics FVP10 can store multiple pre-recorded MP3 files which can be triggered to sound off depending on how the customer interacts with the kiosk. Some examples of its usage are providing next step directions to users, announcing important information, and/or playing an audio advertisement.

What are the benefits of Star Micronics Kiosk Printers?

 Available in multiple widths and sizes with or without intelligent presenters to fit any application

 Lower operational costs
 Minimal maintenance even further enhanced with the option to add up to a 10 in/25 cm diameter paper roll
 Real-time status reporting
 High reliability and quality
 Ease of use and installation
 Environmentally friendly


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