OEM Mechanisms

Though there are countless direct thermal and impact dot matrix solutions in the market, sometimes applications call for DIY solutions. For very specific requirements where a housed or kiosk printer won’t do, OEM mechanisms fit the bill. A full mechanism package contains the very barebones of printer parts consisting of a print head, control board, flat cable, interface, communication cable, and power supply. These components can typically be purchased separately to satisfy applications that need the most customization starting from the ground up. Integrators have the liberty of placing the components in the most fitting orientation, a major benefit for solutions (like a kiosk) that require printing but are extremely limited on space.
Thermal or impact mechanisms are freely available for purchase and the choice between the two comes down to what will be printed, the longevity required of the printout, and the operation environment.

What are the benefits of choosing Star Micronics OEM Mechanisms?

 Available in thermal and impact

 Produced in multiple widths
 Choose from a selection of interfaces
 All components can be purchased separately ensuring integrators get only what they need


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