By using short wavelength radio transmissions, Bluetooth enables users to set up a secure personal area network (PAN) for short distance wireless support. Developed in 1994 by communications company Ericsson, this technology solution has expanded beyond the mobile phone market into a wide array of applications including fitness equipment, headphones, tablets, printers, and more.

Bluetooth establishes security for data transfer through an action called device pairing where each device in a pair must use a secret link key in order to communicate with the other. If Device A and Device B are sharing a link key, the information passed between them is encrypted and protected from being intercepted by another device. Pairing and encryption are extremely important in instances like table-side payment processing, when a server swipes a customer’s credit card and prints a receipt using a portable printer.

Comparing with 802.11 Wireless LAN technology, Bluetooth is limited in range (10 meters VS WLAN’s 100 meters) and has less bandwidth (800 kbps VS WLAN’s 11 mbps), but is sometimes easier to configure and potentially more secure depending on how well the WLAN is configured. Bluetooth devices additionally consume less power, attributable to the size of the chip and device.

How to Connect
Star Mobile/Portable Printer to Bluetooth Device

Why Use a Star Micronics Bluetooth Printer?
 Windows CE, Windows Mobile, Android support
 SDK available for developers
 Easy-to-use setup utility available
 Advanced security options: Non-Discoverable Mode, 128 Encryption Mode
 Optional magnetic stripe reader (MSR) models
 High speed and performance
 High reliability figures, including drop test result


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