The USB, Universal Serial Bus, specification was developed in the mid-1990’s and has become the most popular form of connecting devices directly to their hosts. One single USB host controller can support up to 127 USB devices, enabling completely different classes of hardware (ex: Receipt Printer, Webcam, Scanner) to share one port with a hub. Furthering its flexibility, USB even permits multiple identical devices to share the same port, so long as each possesses its own unique Device ID.

Introduced in 1996, USB Version 1.0 provided data transfer rates of 1.5 Mbps to 12 Mbps, faster than legacy serial and parallel interfaces. “Hi-Speed USB” Version 2.0 was made available in 2000 and increased throughput speed to 480 Mbps.  As technology advanced, the specification for “SuperSpeed USB” Version 3.0 was published in 2008, boasting a 5Gbps signaling rate and ten times the performance of 2.0.

Printers particularly benefit greatly from USB connectivity. The increased throughput of USB largely reduces the time required to transmit data to the printer and in many cases, the transfer rate is so fast that it is completely irrelevant. USB also supports convenient Plug and Play functionality, allowing most drivers to automatically install themselves without user interaction.

Some legacy POS Software is hardcoded for serial communication only. To assist these users, Star Micronics provides a Virtual Serial Port Utility allowing for a fast and feature-packed USB Star printer to very easily be connected to an application supporting only serial. Setting up a Virtual Serial Port is literally done in less than a minute and has been proven to be a reliable convenience for countless installations.

How to Connect

           Star Printer-Side                                                                     Terminal-Side

Why Use a Star Micronics USB Printer?

 Digitally Signed Drivers and Plug and Play functionality make installations self-automated
 Installation CD included in the box with most printers
 Lightning fast print speeds for both text and graphical data
 Couponing and receipt branding solutions available
 High reliability figures


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