PoweredUSB is designed to supply both power and USB communication to a device using a single cable. For communication, USB cable specifications remain standard except for the inclusion of two additional wire pairs to supply power. The merit is connecting only one cable to operate one hardware device, reducing space consumed by extra wires or power bricks and resulting in a simpler, neater appearance.

In typical cases, every USB host port and hub can supply up to 500 mA to power very low energy consumption devices such as mice and memory sticks. To power other hardware requiring more than 5 VDC for operation like POS Printers, it is necessary for a PoweredUSB port or hub to sit between the host and device. The terminal or hub-side ports and cable are sometimes colored-coded to help users easily determine what voltage is supplied through which port.

A receipt printer is able to support PoweredUSB in two connection formats, depending on how the product is manufactured. The peripheral-side can support either a narrow slot-like connector or a USB/Hosiden Y cable.

Star Micronics was the first printer manufacturer to produce a dedicated PoweredUSB printer named the TSP100PUSB, fully equipped with complimentary futurePRNT Coupon Design and Marketing Software.

How to Connect

  Star Printer Direct PUSB Port                                            Star Printer Y-Cable with USB Port 




Why Use a Star Micronics PoweredUSB Printer?

 Star PoweredUSB models support both standard USB and PoweredUSB connectivity for companies desiring future-proof hardware solutions
 Digitally Signed Drivers and Plug and Play functionality make installations self-automated
 Installation CD included in the box with most printers
 Lightning fast print speeds for both text and graphical data
 Couponing and receipt branding solutions available
 High reliability figures


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