Enviro-Friendly Manufacturing

Star Micronics is committed to enviro-friendly practices and is forever striving to improve sustainability in all aspects of our business. We closely monitor and conform to international laws and standards, obtain certifications and investigate new means to ensure the products we manufacture are safe for humankind and the environment.

Some of the environmental initiatives Star Micronics has taken:

 ISO 14001 Conformity
Star Micronics’ two main printer manufacturing locations conform to the ISO 14001 international standard which outlines the process for a company to manage and improve its environmental conduct.

 RoHS Compliance
All Star Micronics Printers are RoHS (Restriction of use of Hazardous Substances) compliant. This directive, created by the European Union, restricts the inclusion of certain hazardous substances in electronics manufacturing to reduce negative environmental impact and the pollution of landfills.

 WEEE Compliance
All Star Micronics Printers have earned the WEEE (Waste from Electrical and Electronic Equipment) marking. The WEEE directive, also created by the European Union, mandates the proper disposal and recycling processes of electronics equipment.

 Halogen-Free Manufacturing
Star has taken the initiative to manufacture the TSP100ECO’s cover with halogen-free, recyclable plastics. The halogens – Fluorine, Chlorine, Bromine, Iodine and Astatine – are not harmful to humans or the environment in the form of electronics. The trouble with these elements is that they produce highly toxic, cancer-causing agents named dioxins and furans when incinerated during the disposal process.

 Environmental Activity Reporting
A yearly Environmental Report is published and posted on Star’s corporate website describing the measures we have taken to operate cleaner and more efficiently. Feel free to peruse our most current report and backlog issues here.

 Green Procurement Guide and Survey Issuance
To ensure the materials we procure for printer manufacturing do not contain certain hazardous substances, Star created its Green Procurement Guide. This guide and a substance survey are distributed to all suppliers, enabling Star to mandate and monitor the exclusion of particular materials to be used in our manufacturing processes. The Green Procurement Guide and Survey are both freely available here.


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