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Android-Compatible POS Printers, Hardware & Technology

Android is a trademark of Google LLC


Elevate Your Business with Our Android-Ready Solutions

Unlock the full potential of your point-of-sale (POS) system with cutting-edge hardware designed to harness the power of Android technology. Our range includes models optimized for Android, providing seamless support for Android Open Accessory (AOA) to ensure your business operations are smooth and efficient.

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Android Page Listing

Success Stories: LimeOrder Wins with Star's Android-Friendly POS Hardware & Tech Solutions

Explore how software vendor LimeOrder enhanced its cloud-based POS system by integrating with Star Micronics' Android-friendly software development kits (SDKs).

Elevate Your Android Applications Today

Unlock Seamless Printing with StarXpand SDK for React Native

Transform your Android applications with StarXpand SDK for React Native, the industry-first software development kit designed to elevate your printing functionalities. Enjoy seamless integration with Star printers, streamlined development, and reduced costs. Unlock the full potential of your Android applications with StarXpand and stand out in the competitive mobile POS landscape.

User-Friendly Mobile Printing

Revolutionize Android Printing with PassPRNT

Star Micronics' PassPRNT revolutionizes Android mobile printing, streamlining the process from app to printer with a unique URL scheme. Its one-tap printing for various printer models ensures a user-friendly experience. By facilitating seamless mobile-to-printer communication, developers can enhance customer experiences and operational efficiency, allowing users to easily print receipts from their smartphones or tablets.


Elevate Your POS System with CloudPRNT Integration

CloudPRNT technology revolutionizes printing for Android users in the retail and restaurant industry, streamlining online orders and web-based POS applications. By allowing direct communication between the cloud-based printer and server, CloudPRNT eliminates the need for extra tablets or devices, simplifying the printing process. This secure and efficient solution supports business growth, expanding market reach, and elevating operational efficiency.

Star Empowers Software Developers

Building the Future: Resources for Android Developers

Unlock your potential with our must-read brochure, SDK guide, and insightful ebook on the benefits of the popular StarPRNT SDK.

Star Micronics Technologies for Today's Market

In a constantly evolving POS landscape, your software deserves hardware that enhances its capabilities - not limits it. Star Micronics ensures your application stands out, helping you address customer demands, mitigate challenges, and drive sales by offering comprehensive POS solutions. Integrating with Star has never been easier.

An Independent Software Vendor's (ISV's) Guide to Star Printer SDKs

For ISVs navigating the complexities of printer integration, the path forward is often strewn with challenges. Get to know Star Micronics' range of software development kits (SDKs), each uniquely crafted to address these challenges and enhance your integration prowess.

6 Reasons Why Developers Should Choose the StarPRNT SDK

The changing landscapes of the retail, restaurant, and hospitality industries require end-users to refresh their technologies consistently. Merchants using technology that allows customers to shop, dine and pay with greater flexibility is an advantage that can bolster their competitive edge.

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