6 Technologies Resellers Need to Equip Retailers for Success

When the COVID-19 wave first began rippling across the globe, many underestimated the full impact it would have on retailers. Now that we are in the throes of it, we are finally recognizing how different the brand-new business climate that we’ve found ourselves in really it. Consumer behavior has shifted in major ways, and retailers […]

How to Balance Cash Drawers Quickly and Accurately

To operate a successful business, cash on hand is critical. Many will claim that cash is on its way out, and though that might be true one day in the future, it is still a long way off. Many people still operate using mainly cash, and customers expect to be able to use cash to […]

Pythian Market Improves the Customer Experience with CloudPRNT from Star Micronics

In downtown New Orleans, Pythian Market stands as a celebration of the spirted and creative community it serves. As a gathering place for locals and travelers alike, Pythian Market features local food purveyors, locally-sourced food and art, and delectable craft beverages. Because of its cultural significance and central location, Pythian Market is a popular area […]

Star Software Update: mPOP™ Firmware Update (HID Support)

Welcome to the Star Software Update, the regular series of blog updates where Star’s Integration Team informs you about the latest important Star Micronics software updates. In this edition: mPOP™ Firmware Update via the mPOP Utility App. mPOP can now support most HID devices Read on to learn what this month’s update entails. What is […]

3 Self-Service Kiosk Trends Restaurant ISVs Can Capitalize On

The rise in demand for self-service kiosks is undeniable – in 2019, the market was valued at $28 billion and it’s expected to reach $68 billion by 2025. During this period of such vast growth that also happens to be occurring as the world navigates the new normal, what are the hottest self-service kiosk trends […]

mPOS: How it’s Revolutionizing Payments

Mobility is rocking the point of sale world. From line busting to omnichannel marketing, it’s changing the way retailers and restaurateurs do business. The payments branch of the POS world has not been isolated from mPOS and its effects. In fact, as margins shrink and the competition in merchant processing grows fierce, the payment industry […]

The Benefits of Self-Service Kiosks During the New Normal

During the COVID-19 pandemic, times are challenging for most businesses that are working hard to remain afloat while keeping up with continuing fixed operating costs and coping with less revenue being generated. The question of, “What can be done?” is a part of almost every conversation. The benefits of self-service kiosks have been and will […]