Back to School Safety Tips: How Antimicrobial Film Can Help

As the new school year approaches and kids head back into physical classrooms, health and safety is a priority worldwide. While hand sanitizer usage boomed during the pandemic (sales jumped 600% in 2020), it can be hard for kids to remember to regularly apply it, and sometimes it may actually be risky to use. If […]

6 “Must-Haves” for Stadium POS

The economy is reopening, and consumers are excited to attend events and sports games. When visiting a large sports stadium or entertainment arena, you often find long lines for food and merchandise during half-time or intermissions. The people attending these professional sports games or concerts paid good money to see their team play or favorite […]

RetailNOW 2021 Recap

It’s hard to believe that RSPA RetailNOW 2021 was already two weeks ago, but the memory of it is still fresh here at Star Micronics. After the unprecedented year that 2020 was, I was very grateful to attend RetailNOW this year. Whether you want to reminisce, or perhaps you missed the show and want to […]

How to Improve Restaurant Operations with Single Flow Technology

Restaurant Chef Using Tablet

Technology has been evolving with the food industry for a long time, to the point where a restaurant can no longer stay competitive without it. In the past, a restaurant’s success depended on word of mouth, but today it relies on online reviews and social posts which give the business the opportunity to become globally […]