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4 Reasons Why You Should Keep Your Receipt

4 Reasons Why You Should Keep Your Receipt


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This is the first part of “Keep the Receipt,” a five-part blog series about the various advantages paper receipts offer to businesses and consumers, and why you should elect to choose to offer – and accept – paper receipts.

There’s no denying it. The world is going digital. But does it make sense to digitize everything?

In our latest blog series, “Keep the Receipt,” we will discuss the myriad of advantages a paper receipt can offer over an emailed one. These benefits range from higher return on investment (ROI) for a business, to bookkeeping benefits for consumers, and everything in between. Don’t just take it from us; in a recent survey, 68% of US consumers said they would rather receive a physical receipt.

While this blog post will give you a brief overview of the different reasons why to keep the receipt, check back for future blog posts that will dive deeper into each benefit.

So, without further ado, here are the four reasons why you should keep your receipt:

1. Return on Investment and User Experience

The ROI when it comes to a paper receipt versus an email receipt is irrefutable. In the next post of our series, we will explore the different ways paper receipts can save businesses a real chunk of change – let’s just say the numbers are eye-opening. Did you know the cost to print a receipt is just fractions of a penny? When compared to direct mail, which can cost between 30 cents to over $10 per person, you can see how easily the savings can stack up.

Our second blog post will also explore how paper receipts offer a smoother, more reliable user experience for shoppers. When you choose to provide paper receipts, you’re helping your shoppers receive fewer junk emails, as well as making it easier to retrieve promotions.

2. Marketing Advantages

One of the great advantages of a paper receipt is that it’s a valuable marketing opportunity for businesses. Our third blog post will discuss the various marketing features a paper receipt can provide, including its ability to successfully deliver messaging to nearly every single shopper, as well as its potential to onboard customers to loyalty programs and grow a retailer’s social media following.

We’ll also discuss the value of printed promotions. For example, did you know that consumers still prefer print over digital coupons?

3. Informational Benefits

At the end of the day, a receipt communicates information from a business to a shopper. While the above blog post dives into the marketing side of this, our fourth blog will explore the informational benefits paper receipts have. Receipts can help business owners and shoppers alike keep track of:

  • Itemized purchase information,
  • Return policy details,
  • Correct tip amounts,
  • And much more.
4. Sustainability

We understand that one of the biggest selling points of an emailed receipt is that it can be more environmentally friendly. That may be true when comparing an emailed receipt to a traditional paper receipt that is coated with BPA (Bisphenol A), a controversial chemical. However, in our fifth and final blog post, we’ll explore the reasons Star receipts are eco-friendlier than others on the market, including:

  • Being BPA-free,
  • Featuring recyclable packaging,
  • Including paper reduction technologies,
  • And more!

Be sure to tune into our future Keep the Receipt blogs, which will take a deeper dive into these topics.

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