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4 Reasons Your Dispensary Needs to Start Delivering Now

4 Reasons Your Dispensary Needs to Start Delivering Now

Cannabis delivery POS hardware.

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Since 2012, cannabis has been legalized in 18 different states in the United States for people above 21. For medical and pharmaceutical purposes, however, the number rises to 38 states. This trend will only continue. According to an article by U.S. News, the following states have been or will be fully legalized by the end of 2022:


Check out this link to see a handy map and chart displaying the legality of cannabis per state. Now, just because the plant is fully legalized for adult use doesn’t mean you can just set up shop and start selling! Please check with your state and local laws before pursuing any business endeavor selling cannabis.

The point is, as the plant is legalized more and people’s consumption increases, dispensaries will only continue to multiply, and competition will grow. Because of the pandemic, many dispensaries started providing cannabis delivery services to stay afloat. The move has since proved to be highly popular with consumers, and it’s helped dispensary owners not only stay in business during the shutdowns but greatly increase profits as well.

And the trend isn’t going away.

4 Reasons Why Your Dispensary Needs Delivery Service
Cannabis delivery POS hardware.

There are many reasons why starting a delivery service for your dispensary is the business-savvy thing to do, but here are four:


To start, adding an online delivery marketplace for your dispensary will have you spending more time on the internet trying to reel in activity on your website. This will undoubtedly give you more exposure, whether you’re on social media or running digital ads. More people will eventually be interacting with your e-commerce store, which will drive more traffic toward it. The more exposure you have, the more people will know to visit your website and buy from your online dispensary.

If you didn’t have a website before (hopefully, this isn’t the case), this will get your store online. If you did, adding a delivery service is simply another way to utilize your online space to drive more revenue. 

There are so many apps these days designed specifically for cannabis delivery that it’s never been easier to try it out. A Google search will get you started.


Simply put: cannabis delivery services make it easier for your customers to receive your product. Especially if they are using cannabis for medical purposes, some people may not be able to get to your shop as easily as others. They also may be extra cautious about the pandemic because of current health issues.

The truth is, we have no idea (and no business asking) why someone would rather have their cannabis goods delivered. But if we offer it as an option, we open our services to a segment of the market that may desperately need an alternative to physically entering a dispensary. They will show the love, too.


Next, delivering cannabis from your dispensary will increase your customers’ order sizes. People are busier than ever and may not spend as much time inside a physical dispensary as they could browsing your shop online. From anywhere, a customer can look through your e-commerce store a little in the morning, go about their day, and then browse a little during lunchtime, putting some items in their shopping cart.

Then, later that evening, or whenever they want, they can go back and finally checkout, having their cannabis products delivered to their doorstep as they take care of other things around the house. It’s a beautiful thing.

Also, people in stores may be limited by how much cash they have on them at the time. They also may feel rushed in a physical store. When I go out shopping with friends or family, it’s impossible to browse everything I want (or even visit the stores that I want). Having an online dispensary with delivery allows customers to take their time shopping.

Because of this, they usually buy more.


Finally, starting a dispensary delivery service will increase awareness of your brand. Going digital puts your brand in front of way more eyeballs, helping to build recognition of your company with greater speed. There’s a reason more and more companies are moving their operations online, a trend that isn’t going away.

When customers become familiar with your brand logo and get to know your offerings, your vibe, they are way more likely to buy from you. A fully functioning e-commerce website with delivery for your cannabis operations will put your brand out into the stratosphere way better than a physical store alone.

Bottom Line: Cannabis Delivery Services Drive Revenue
Cannabis delivery POS hardware.

All the above reasons boil down to one: cannabis delivery services drive revenue. Whether your dispensary is getting more exposure or becoming more accessible to different types of customers, setting up a delivery service for your products will boost business. With all of that extra revenue, you can continue to grow, stay competitive, and ultimately stay profitable.

An article from High There says it all: “States that have already legalized cannabis, like California, are seeing a spike in business thanks to the overwhelming convenience of cannabis delivery… What many are considering the next trend for cannabis business, delivery services can help surge revenue for the retailers that jump in to take advantage. The cannabis industry is already a record $10 billion and climbing. A particularly explosive section of this industry is almost exclusively the new cannabis delivery sector.”

That was written in 2019 before the pandemic pushed states to legalize more delivery services across the country. If your dispensary isn’t getting in on a piece of the action, you’re missing out on a wide-open market. If your state allows cannabis delivery, then expand your operations’ reach, boost business, and stay ahead of your competition by starting a dispensary delivery service now.

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