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5 Ways a Self-Service Kiosk Can Boost Retail Sales

5 Ways a Self-Service Kiosk Can Boost Retail Sales

Woman using a self-service kiosk machine in a retail store.

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In a world where consumer attention spans are shrinking, and store competition has never been more cutthroat, retailers need to find new ways to make their customers want to return to their stores again and again. One way to do this is by introducing a self-service kiosk in stores.

Many reports have found that customers want more self-service options as they shop, especially as technology improves. Self-service kiosks allow customers to quickly get the information they need and make purchases without waiting on any service staff, but there are more benefits, and they all lead to more sales.

5 Ways A Self-Service Kiosk Can Boost Retail Sales

The following five ways a self-service kiosk can boost retail sales will show how these changes can help retailers compete in today’s market.

1) Help with Labor Shortage

Self-service kiosks can help retailers bypass much of the pain of the ongoing labor shortage. They reduce the overhead costs of labor and allow shoppers to interact with products without a salesperson’s assistance. This also allows retailers to give better customer service since the kiosks can provide in-depth product knowledge and personalized recommendations.

Young man using a self-service kiosk.

All items are neatly organized onscreen and show whether they’re in stock, saving employees time and energy going back and forth to check on supply or answer customer questions. Self-service kiosk software can answer most questions right on the spot. Then, in-store employees have more time to help shoppers with other needs.

2) Decreased Wait Times

Long wait times are a major reason retailers lose sales, but self-service kiosks can help. By allowing customers to serve themselves, they help shorten the wait time and create an experience where the customer is in control. Some self-service kiosks require a clerk to monitor, but one employee may be all you need to serve many customers at once with multiple kiosks around. An example of this we see every day is at the grocery check-out.

3) Increased Upselling

The use of self-service kiosks can also increase upselling. POS software for self-service kiosks can show customers other items they may like as they ring up current selections, often resulting in greater sales. The shopper might have been looking for a sweater, but after viewing more products in the clothing department, they may buy a jacket or pair of pants as well. With the help of self-order kiosks, retailers can track what each customer is looking at so that staff members know to suggest other items that are likely to sell.

Two young women browsing on a self-service kiosk machine.

4) Real-time Analytics

This brings us to our next point: self-service kiosks can track customer behavior in real time. Having up-to-date analyses of your customers is critical in decision-making and marketing. The data from POS software on self-service kiosks can help you make more strategic decisions about your store. For example, email campaigns can be optimized based on customer browsing behavior and buying trends tracked within the software.

On the other hand, for retail managers, these tools can provide a wealth of insights into customer demographics and a breakdown of how different people browse your store. Inventory is tracked automatically, and merchants can see which items are selling better and at what times. Self-service kiosks can help retailers get to know their customers based on purchases, so knowing what items are popular and what to stock more of is easier than ever. Self-ordering kiosks also allow customers to complete simple tasks like signing up for rewards programs or redeeming coupons on the spot.

5) Increased Customer Satisfaction

Self-service kiosks work great because they’re easily accessible to most consumers. Most people are comfortable using a touchscreen to navigate through a platform. The kiosks cut back on lines, getting rid of awful waiting times. They also create a welcoming environment by providing instant gratification, and they offer personalized services to each customer that makes them feel valued.

Woman using a kiosk machine.

Customer satisfaction inevitably rises with less waiting time and more personalized shopping experiences. When shoppers are happy with their experience, they are much more likely to return for repeat purchases and recommend the store to friends and family members. All of this leads to increased sales.

Self-Service Kiosks Boost Sales

With all the above benefits, it’s easy to see how self-service kiosks can boost retail sales. Using technology to help customers ring themselves up and browse through store selections isn’t going away. Self-service is growing. How are you incorporating it into your own business to stay competitive?

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