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6 Technologies Resellers Need to Equip Retailers for Success

6 Technologies Resellers Need to Equip Retailers for Success


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When the COVID-19 wave first began rippling across the globe, many underestimated the full impact it would have on retailers. Now that we are in the throes of it, we are finally recognizing how different the brand-new business climate that we’ve found ourselves in really it. Consumer behavior has shifted in major ways, and retailers all across the country are trying to navigate how to operate and eventually reopen in this brave new world.

What retailers are truly looking for is guidance and leadership. Like everyone else, retailers feel like they are trying to develop clairvoyance in the face of overwhelming uncertainty. Without having experience a pandemic like this before, it is difficult for them to determine how to reopen safely and successfully.

Resellers are in a unique position to provide that guidance, as well as the tools retailers need to set themselves up for success.

1. eCommerce Point of Sale Integration

Social distancing is top-of-mind for everyone these days. As such, consumers are drastically reducing the amount of time they’re spending in brick-and-mortar location. They prefer shopping online from the safety of their homes instead. It’s going to be crucial that you offer retailers solutions that integrate with eCommerce.

2. Shop-by-Appointment and Curbside Pickup

Consumers are shopping less. Concerned with spending a lot of time in brick-and-mortar locations, and the number of other customers they’ll come into contact with, they’re hesitant to venture out. Because of this, some retailers have started implementing shop-by-appointment operations, which helps control the number of customers within the store at any given time and helps provide peace of mind to shoppers.

Similarly, curbside pickup is booming for many different retailers. This functionality was traditionally used in restaurant takeout operations but has quickly been adopted by retail to help boost brick-and-mortar operations while continuing to keep their customers safe.

3. Mobile POS Technology for Line Busting and In-Aisle Payments

With how easily this strain of the coronavirus can be spread from person to person, it’s critical that retailers take additional measures to keep Star Micronics SM-L300 BLE Portable Thermal Printercustomers from congregating throughout the store. This includes checkout lines, which are especially ripe for spreading viruses due to the close contact.

Star’s mobile printers allow retailers to conduct transactions throughout the store to keep customers from gathering in one area. Click here to view all of Star’s mobile offerings.

4. Self-Service Kiosk

For a virus that can be spread easily through face-to-face contact and tiny respiratory droplets, it is critical that retailers especially strive to reduce the amount of contact between their customers and their employees. When sanitized properly and regularly, self-service kiosks can help. These devices curtail the spread of infection by limiting the amount of face-to-face contact between staff and customers, helping them feel safer shopping in stores.

5. Protective Shields

Offering protective shields that retailers can install at the checkout counter can help them provide some additional protection during the most posshield-portable-plexiglass-sneeze-guard-retail-pos-300x300vulnerable and high-risk time of the shopper’s journey: the point of sale. This is the time where shoppers and employees come in close contact and lines can develop at the counter. It can be difficult to maintain the recommended distance of six feet for this reason. Because of the risks associated with the point of sale, it is necessary for retailers to install additional protection.

Click here to learn more about Star’s POSShield protective sneeze guard for retail checkout counters.

6. Contactless Payment Options

Ultimately, the goal of any retail operation right now is to be able to operate effectively without exposing anyone to the virus. The virus can easily be picked up and carried on hands, so for retailers, implementing contactless payment options will go a long way in preventing its spread.

The success of your customers directly reflects your own success, so during this time, helping them succeed is paramount. Star Micronics is here to help! We provide the critical solutions that can help your customers overcome their most pressing business challenges – such as online ordering printers, portable printers for mobile payments, self-service kiosk printers, protective barriers for the point of sale, and more.

Our free eBook provides all information needed to retail resellers, at a glance.

Free Resources During COVID-19 & Beyond

Now more than ever, safety is a priority in retail and hospitality environments. Star Micronics is proud to offer a line of solutions and resources for businesses during this challenging time, designed to keep consumers and employees safe, as well as mitigate business impact caused by COVID-19.

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