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7 Features to Look for in the Best Tablet Stand

7 Features to Look for in the Best Tablet Stand

A connected POS workstation in a QSR with the TSP143IV thermal printer, a 2D Wireless barcode Scanner and Kiosk tablet display Stand by Star Micronics.

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With the right point-of-sale (POS) tablet software and a well-designed tablet display stand, you can transform a simple tablet into an agile, versatile workstation. POS tablets are gaining traction in numerous industries, including restaurants, stores, boutiques, hotels, and entertainment venues. Their lightweight form, affordability, and ease of use make tablet-based POS solutions popular among small and midsize business owners. A recent study by Statista predicts that U.S. tablet usage will reach nearly 155.3 million units by 2025. 

When compared to traditional PC-based systems, POS tablets offer a healthy ROI. Unlike legacy integrated POS systems or terminals, which can cost upwards of $5,000 per unit, tablet-based POS solutions are competitively priced, offering a range of low-cost hardware and software options. They take up less space and give your POS a sleek, modern look and feel.

Having the proper display stand to hold your tablet can not only provide a single secure workspace for your busy store or restaurant, but it keeps your tablet protected as well. Low cost does not mean the POS tablet has no value!

Let’s look at what makes a great tablet display stand:

7 Features to Look for in the Best Tablet Stand

The right tablet stand for your business operations will not only enhance and protect your tablet POS investment but also boost customer experience, enhancing your brand’s appeal. Designs vary, but market-leading tablet stands share fundamental characteristics and are easy to spot.

Secure Tablet Mounting

VESA mounting, an industry standard used by numerous industries and manufacturers, enables a tablet stand to accommodate virtually any type of tablet enclosure that holds the tablet and secures it to the stand. However, there are perfectly fine stands out there that do not use VESA. The key is that the attachment is 100% firm and secure. Otherwise, your valuables will end up on the floor.

Clean Cable Management

Sleek, aesthetically designed tablet stands route cables internally, making a favorable first impression and saving precious counter space.

They do more than make your POS station look clean, however. The best POS tablet stands help protect cables from spills, dust, or other accidents that could cause damage.

Enclosure Option

Tablets should be housed in protective enclosures that also look nice. A universal mEnclosure holds virtually any tablet and enables it to be mounted horizontally or vertically. This way, you can change your tablet without buying a new enclosure.

Compatibility with a Variety of Printers

Many shops and restaurants using tablets for their POS also use POS printers. The ability to support a variety of receipt and label printers increases your point-of-sale tablet stand’s functionality, keeping your tablet safe and protecting and housing your printer.

This adds to a stand’s overall versatility. With your POS hardware in one place, you and your staff manage multiple tasks from a single point of access. It’s better for security and better for the customer experience as well.

Sturdy & Made to Last

An all-steel tablet stand with VESA compatibility can reliably support and protect any tablet, future-proofing your investment.

Easy Installation & Readily Available Support

Installation and use should require minimal effort, with best-in-class technical support if needed via live chat and phone, giving you more time to focus on business priorities.

Business-Boosting Features

Optional configuration settings, combined with easy-to-tilt maneuverability and a customer-facing option, can boost your brand and customer experience. When customers see you have a neat and put-together POS, it gives them more trust in your business overall.

Star's mUnite Tablet Display Stands

Star Micronics has created the mUnite series of tablet display stands and mounts, the latest addition to its acclaimed mCollection series. The stands and mounts are sleekly designed, highly configurable, and easy to set up and use.

A perfect choice for POS and self-service environments, mUnite stands and mounts include the following key features:

Universal VESA Mounting

Most mUnite stands use universal VESA mounting hardware to support all tablet and computer manufacturers, including the Star Micronics mPOS and mCollection lines. But there are a couple of fantastic tablet display stands that do not. Either way, the hold on your tablet is long-term.

Clean Cable Management

mUnite stands hide wires and cables within their sleek housing while routing power supplies under the counter, maximizing valuable countertop real estate.

Easy to Tilt for Customer Interactions

mUnite stands have excellent maneuverability, making them adaptable to numerous settings and easy to tilt for order review, signature capture, and additional functions.

Supports Two Screens

Many mUnite stands can support additional customer-facing displays as well as horizontal and vertical tablet views, extending and enhancing the mUnite experience. 

Discover mUnite

Take back your counter with Star’s sleek and functional mUnite stands. Their clean designs keep your tablets connected and optimized while hiding cables, wires, and power supplies. Enhance your brand and delight customers with purpose-built, aesthetically pleasing mUnite tablet stands.

Discover which tablet stand by Star is right for you:

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