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Are You Compromising Your Star Printer’s ROI with Cheap Paper? Choose Blue Core

Are You Compromising Your Star Printer’s ROI with Cheap Paper? Choose Blue Core

Star's Blue Core paper works perfectly with the innovative TSP143IV thermal receipt printer by Star Micronics.

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As a business owner, you understand the importance of maximizing your investments. So why jeopardize the ROI of your top-quality Star printer by using cheap, unbranded paper? Many paper alternatives found on the market today are abrasive, gradually eroding the printhead and damaging your Star printer over time.

Don’t get left feeling crumply! Star’s Blue Core paper offers exceptional quality and compatibility with your Star printer to ensure optimal performance and peak longevity. Our paper has a perfectly smooth, crisp white surface to proudly represent your brand while protecting your printhead from erosion and damage. Plus, it’s BPA-free and non-toxic, ensuring safety for those in regular contact with the material.

In this article, we will delve into the numerous advantages of using Star’s Blue Core paper and examine the various types of paper Star offers, highlighting the benefits and key features of each.

Star's Blue Core Paper: The Ultimate Choice for Your Printer

Blue Core thermal paper rolls by Star Micronics.

Using low-quality paper can significantly reduce the lifespan and performance of your printer, negatively impacting your bottom line. Star’s Blue Core paper is specifically designed to work with Star printers, ensuring optimal performance and maximizing printer lifespan. It’s really a cut above the rest!

Blue Core paper rolls work efficiently with your printer to extend the life of the printhead, preventing embarrassing paper jams and clogs that can ruin customer experience. Star paper is a clean, bright white, instead of the gray or yellowish receipts often found on the market today. Get crisp, clearly legible receipts every time for a professional, tidy presentation.

Star’s Blue Core paper has longer paper lengths for fewer roll changes. Every roll is guaranteed to fit and is fully compliant with any Star warranties. Star’s paper comes in many varieties, including receipt paper, linerless label paper, and traditional label paper. Each type has its unique benefits and features.

Blue Core Receipt Paper

Keep your Star printer rolling in optimal condition with the exceptional quality and compatibility of Star’s Blue Core receipt paper.

Star’s Blue Core receipt paper offers:

  • High-quality, crisp printing for improved readability and branding
  • Smooth surface to stop printhead erosion and printer damage
  • Prevents annoying jams and clogs that slow business operations
  • BPA-free and non-toxic materials

Linerless Sticky Label Paper

Stick with Star’s linerless label paper for versatile, eco-friendly, and repositionable labeling solutions. It has all the benefits of Star’s Blue Core promise in sticky label fashion.

Star’s Blue Core linerless label paper provides:

  • Environmentally friendly, waste-reducing design
  • Easy repositioning for improved label placement
  • Versatile applications, from food packaging to retail labeling
  • Leaves no residue yet stays in place

Traditional Label Paper

When it comes to traditional label paper, Star’s Blue Core paper adheres to the highest standards of quality and performance. Enjoy all the benefits of the Blue Core promise in a variety of sizes.

Star’s Blue Core traditional label paper features:

  • High-quality adhesive for secure, long-lasting labels
  • Excellent print clarity for enhanced readability
  • Wide range of sizes to suit various applications
  • Code-compliant cannabis labels are also available

Preserve Your Printer's ROI Now with Star’s Blue Core Paper

Blue Core receipt, label, and linerless label paper with white mC-Print3 thermal printer by Star Micronics.

While competitors’ paper may leave you feeling rough around the edges, Star’s Blue Core paper promises a smooth and seamless printing experience. Not only will it help maintain your printer’s optimal performance and extend its lifespan, but it also ensures high-quality, clear printing that meets the needs of various industries, including retail, restaurant and hospitality, and cannabis.

By investing in Star’s Blue Core paper, you’re protecting your printer’s ROI and providing the best possible experience for your customers. Don’t wait—make the switch to Blue Core paper today and experience the difference for yourself.

Find more information about Star’s Blue Core paper here and access the complete paper line spec sheet here.

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