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How to Select the Best POS Hardware System for SMB Customers

How to Select the Best POS Hardware System for SMB Customers


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As a reseller, your SMB customers rely on you to introduce them to affordable, yet high quality point of sale (POS) hardware systems that meet their exact needs and are built for the future. With so many options available on the market, it is wise to have a set of guiding principles to help you in your search for the ideal solution. Read on to discover five key considerations to keep in mind while helping your customers select the best POS hardware system.

Key Considerations: How to Select the Best POS Hardware System

1. A Full Solution Provider

These days, there are many moving parts involved in the POS and your customers don’t want a piecemeal solution from multiple vendors; they want a one-stop shop. With tablet-based POS growing in popularity, connectivity options between the POS terminal, receipt printer, and all peripherals is imperative. And depending on the industry, your customer may have more specific needs. For example, a café may have a need for not only a stationary POS, but a separate station for to-go orders that can accommodate online ordering and linerless labeling.

To best meet these wants and needs, choose a hardware manufacturer that offers everything from receipt printers and label printers, to all-in-ones and tablet POS stands. An added bonus is a manufacturer that can also provide a steady supply of authentic consumables like receipt paper, a variety of labels, and ink ribbons.

2. The Right Technology

Like we mentioned above, in the age of mobile POS (mPOS), technology really matters. It’s important to make sure that the hardware system you propose to your customer has the proper connectivity and interfaces to ensure every piece of the puzzle – from the tablet and the receipt printer to the cash drawer and barcode scanner – work together seamlessly.

Technology extends beyond hardware, though. It’s important to choose a hardware manufacturer that has software on their radar, as well. What does this look like? One thing to look for is a hardware provider that has an easy-to-integrate SDK for their product line, and it’s also important to look at what software integrations the provider has available. You’ll want to be sure to propose a solution to your customers that is already integrated with their POS software company, and choosing a hardware manufacturer with industry-leading integrations is a sure-fire way to do so.

Value-added technology can also provide great benefit to your customers. Some hardware manufacturers offer free marketing tools, like easy-to-use, cloud-based customizable receipt marketing, which can set the solution apart from competition.

3. Quality Counts

A wide product portfolio and robust technology features are great, but to be truly worthwhile they need to be reliable. Be sure to choose a reputable POS hardware supplier that thoroughly tests products and offers high quality options like fast and dependable printers, durable cash drawers with reinforced strength, and more. Make sure that the high-quality hardware is also backed by a strong included warranty, and the ability to purchase extended warranties for a hassle-free future.

4. Ready for Today and Tomorrow

Another important consideration is the lifecycle of the POS hardware solution you will be proposing. Will this solution work for a year or two, or is it designed to be compatible with POS trends years down the road? A good rule of thumb is to work with POS hardware manufacturers that offer a future-proof solution that will work for years to come no matter what POS trends come our way.

Some future-proof features to look for are:

  • Flexible and modern connectivity options that mean the POS hardware can work with multiple operating systems and device types.
  • Related to the first point, choosing hardware that can physically accommodate a wide range of POS options is a smart idea. For example, a tablet POS stand that allows tablets to be VESA mounted means even if the customer changes their tablet of choice down the road, their other hardware will still work.
  • A sleek, modern, and functional style that will match the customer’s store aesthetic for a long period of time. An example of this is a tablet POS stand that features clean cable management, the ability to tilt to capture customer signatures, and space to be custom branded for marketing purposes.

5. The Price is Right

Last but not least, affordability is no doubt an important consideration when it comes to helping your customer choose the best POS hardware system. A good rule of thumb is to choose a hardware supplier that offers a variety of hardware in a range of prices. Keep in mind the hardware options with the lowest price tags may not be the most affordable in the long run. To ensure your customer is getting the most bang for their buck, be sure to deeply research quality, warranty options, and the ability to seamlessly work with the POS technology trends that will emerge in the years to come.

We hope that these tips help you identify the best POS hardware system for your SMB customers that feature the style, technology, and quality required – at an affordable price tag.

mUnite: A POS Stand Built for the Future

The Star Micronics mUnite tablet POS stand is a great example of a piece of dependable, stylish POS hardware that is designed to work well into the future. The mUnite – which is compatible with the Star Micronics mC-Print3, mPOP™, TSP143III, and TSP654II –  features:

  • Universal VESA mounting
    mUnite POP tablet POS stand
    mUnite Stand
  • Hidden cable management
  • Compatibility with any iOS, Android, and Windows tablet or touchscreen computer (device, enclosure, and printer not included)
  • Easy-to-tilt functionality for customer interactions
  • The ability to support a second screen to display price, marketing messaging, and more

Click here to learn more about the mUnite.

Star Micronics is proud to offer a full line of POS hardware for today’s businesses.

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