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Cannabis Delivery Technology: What You Need

Cannabis Delivery Technology: What You Need

Cannabis delivery POS hardware.

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We all know that the cannabis industry is growing at a rapid pace – but did you know that cannabis delivery in particular is one of the hottest revenue streams in the market? While COVID-19 certainly acted as a catalyst in the growth of cannabis delivery, it’s a trend that’s here to stay. Read on to explore what cannabis delivery technology you need to succeed.

Cannabis Delivery Technology #1: Online Ordering Platform

One thing is for sure: to succeed at cannabis delivery, you need a robust online ordering platform to not only manage orders but to help you facilitate all of the logistics involved in delivering product to your customers, too.

Some key features to look for in an online ordering platform for cannabis delivery are:

  • The ability to facilitate order placement and documentation
  • Deciphering which counties and cities allow or don’t allow cannabis delivery
  • Dispatching and tracking cannabis deliveries
  • Analyzing deliveries and optimizing them to increase delivery speed and lower delivery costs
  • Customer ID verification
  • The ability to dynamically calculate sales tax per region
  • Detailed, real-time inventory tracking
  • Integrated loyalty program and marketing tools

Cannabis Delivery Technology #2: Point of Sale

Related to your cannabis delivery online ordering platform is your point of sale (POS). Without a complete, integrated POS, your online ordering strategy will not live up to its full potential. So, what do you need?

  • Online ordering printer: When a customer places an online order for cannabis delivery, they trust that your dispensary is immediately receiving and preparing their order. Meet those expectations by choosing an online ordering printer with cloud printing technology. An added bonus of some online ordering printers like Star’s mC-Print3 is that it communicates directly to the cloud server, meaning you do not need an extra tablet – customers simply place their order, and it prints immediately at your POS.
  • NTEP-certified scale: When it comes to selling cannabis, accuracy is everything, and an NTEP-certified precision POS scale is non-negotiable. Further enhance your measuring by choosing a scale that features Bluetooth, USB, and serial connectivity.
  • Linerless label printer: Linerless labels are repositionable thermal labels that stick to nearly any surface and can be removed and reapplied without leaving any residue behind. These labels can be very helpful in preparing online orders and cannabis packaging, and a linerless label printer can be a great addition to your POS.
  • Integrations with aforementioned software: The POS and the online ordering software should ideally work hand-in-hand to create a seamless, headache-free sales cycle. Be sure to choose POS hardware that is integrated with the industry’s most popular software applications.

Successful Software Needs Successful Hardware

That’s where Star comes in. CDG proudly integrates its software tools with a variety of Star hardware including the all-in-one mPOP®, TSP654IISK linerless label printer, Value Series Cash Drawers, and more.

Cannabis Delivery Technology #3: Delivery Service

When it comes to managing your own cannabis delivery service, there are several legalities to keep in mind. Per IndicaOnline,

“If you’re a storefront dispensary and you want to implement a marijuana delivery service, you must apply for the regular Retailer business license. It is extremely important to remember that once your delivery service has been approved for a license, every driver must carry a copy in their authorized vehicle. For a complete list of all the necessary documentation that must be submitted, please visit the Bureau of Cannabis Control website.”

In addition to documentation, other rules apply to cannabis delivery. For example, in California, the below rules are in place:

  • Deliveries must be made in unmarked, enclosed vehicles with security boxes attached to the vehicle
  • GPS units track each delivery route and drivers may not deviate from the route or make extra stops
  • Drivers can only carry $5,000 of product and that amount is reduced to $3,000 if the driver is carrying products to fill tentative orders that have not yet been placed
  • Only the driver is allowed to be in the vehicle
  • Drivers must carry and update an inventory ledger that includes in following information about all of the products in their possession: brand, weight, value, track-and-trace identifier, and price.

Please refer to your local authorities to determine your cannabis-related laws.

If you are looking to manage your own deliveries, it is also worthwhile to invest in the proper security technology, like surveillance cameras for delivery vehicles that monitor product pickups and drop-offs, activity around vehicles, and more. You will also want to make sure you have software that records when product moves and gives you real-time access to that data.

If all of that sounds overwhelming, it is okay. You can also choose a third-party delivery service like Eaze, which is often called “the Uber of marijuana” and delivers cannabis products in California. Eaze and other similar companies offer delivery service to licensed retailers and dispensaries. The services often automatically confirm delivery addresses are legal for delivery, and can deliver various products like flower, vapes, edibles, concentrates, and accessories.

Star’s Cannabis POS Hardware LineupCannabis-Brochure-Graphic

Cannabis stores and dispensaries need technology solutions to match unique industry requirements and regulations. Star has developed a POS product line tailored for use in cannabis stores and dispensaries, The Cannabis POS Collection.

Download our cannabis brochure to discover:

  • NTEP-approved cannabis scales
  • POS printers and cash drawers
  • Mobile printers
  • Star Micronics Cloud Services

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