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Why You Need a Cannabis Dispensary Printer

Why You Need a Cannabis Dispensary Printer

Cannabis POS hardware

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The legality of cannabis is on the rise – but just because medical and even recreational cannabis use may be legal in some areas, there are still laws that must be followed, such as consumers proving their cannabis was legally obtained, and dispensaries staying in compliance with advertising.

So, what’s the solution to staying legal during this ever-changing era of cannabis? Printers! Simply put, printers are critical for every cannabis dispensary – they help businesses and consumers alike stay safe. Here are two major reasons printers are a necessary component of cannabis dispensaries:

1. Printers Provide Proof of Legal Purchase

When it comes to cannabis, proof of legal purchase is key. For example, it is illegal in Canada to possess cannabis deemed illicit (or illegally produced, sold, or distributed) by the law, and guess what? All cannabis without a proof of purchase is assumed to be illicit! Furthermore, if you are found to be travelling with cannabis without a proof of purchase, you can face up to a $5,000 fine or a five-year prison sentence. In the United States, laws vary greatly by state and must also be carefully obeyed.

Simply put, proof of purchase is necessary – and there’s no better way for dispensaries to provide it than with a receipt printer. Receipts offer a quick, easy-to-carry way to show law enforcement proof of purchase. So, what should be included on a cannabis receipt? It varies by region, but common items to include are store name and address, product category/name, and the appropriate tax code/identifier. And when you choose a sleek, modern printer, lawfulness and elegance coexist to strengthen your brand.

2. Printers Can Deliver Cannabis Advertisements – Legally and Effectively

Speaking of what to include on a cannabis receipt, another valuable piece of information you can provide with your cannabis dispensary printer is an advertisement – directly on your receipts!

Everyone within a dispensary must be an adult, so when you print promotions from your dispensary printer, you’re automatically advertising legally and to the right people. Did you know that:

  • In California, at least 71.6% of cannabis advertisement audiences must be 21 years or older,
  • In Colorado, at least 70% of the audience must be over 21,
  • And in Oregon, each advertisement must include the statement, “For use only be adults age twenty-one years of age and older.”

On top of offering advertising capabilities that help you avoid the headache, expense and reputation damage caused by a lawsuit, your cannabis dispensary printer can also automatically deliver ads to an ideal (and legal) target audience.

Think about it: by printing promotions on a sales receipt, you’re delivering your ads directly into the hands of someone who is already shopping in your store and interested in your product. Marketing delivered on a slip of paper that, legally, consumers must keep close to them – what better way to create sticky customers?

If you’re looking for ideas on what to promote on your cannabis receipt, here are some ideas:

  • Featured strains/strain of the week
  • Strains that are coming soon
  • Discounts/sales
  • Links to your social media accounts
  • Store hours
  • Store merchandise
  • Now hiring messaging
  • Customer testimonials
  • Featured FAQ

Remaining in compliance and effectively advertising go hand-in-hand when you implement the right cannabis point of sale (POS) solution and printer.

Looking to build out a cannabis dispensary POS solution?

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