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Cannabis Legalization News: Which States are Next in 2022?

Cannabis Legalization News: Which States are Next in 2022?


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When it comes to the growth of the cannabis industry, there’s virtually no end in sight. According to Flowhub, the US cannabis industry is worth $61 billion, support for legal marijuana is at a record high of 68%, and a whopping 12% of Americans are currently marijuana users. Many states have already legalized medical and/or recreational usage, and more are expected to in the coming year.

In today’s blog post, explore the hottest cannabis legalization news, like which states most recently legalized, and which may legalize in 2022.

Who Legalized in 2021?

This year, four states legalized recreational usage of marijuana: Connecticut, New Mexico, New York, and Virginia. Currently 19 states (and the District of Columbia) have legalized recreational marijuana use. Additionally, following its 2020 ballot measure, New Jersey signed into law legislation legalizing recreational use.

States That May Legalize in 2022

The upcoming year is slated to be a big one in terms of cannabis legalization news. Below are the states that may legalize usage in 2022.


Arkansas may have two upcoming ballot measures regarding cannabis usage:

  1. Arkansas Decriminalize Marijuana, Create Regulations and Grant Limited Immunity to Cannabis Businesses Initiative, which would decriminalize marijuana, give limited immunity to marijuana businesses, and create industry regulations.
  2. Arkansas Recreational Marijuana Initiative, which would legalize cannabis use for people aged 21 and older.


In 2022, Florida may have three upcoming cannabis-related ballot measures:

  1. Florida Marijuana Use and Growth Legalization Initiative, which would legalize the personal use, growth, transport, and possession for people aged 21 and older. It would also permit people to grow up to nine marijuana plants (18 maximum per household).
  2. Florida Medical Marijuana Plants Initiative, which would amend Amendment 2 (2016) to redefine “medical use” and allow growing up to nine marijuana plants.
  3. Florida Medical Marijuana for Mental Health Disorders Initiative, which would amend Amendment 2 (2016) and add nine mental health disorders to the state’s list of qualifying conditions to purchase and use marijuana medically.


Idaho may have two upcoming ballot measures in 2022:

  1. Idaho Marijuana Legalization Initiative, which would legalize the possession, use, and transfer of up to three ounces of marijuana by people aged 21 and older.
  2. Idaho Medical Marijuana Initiative, which would create a medical marijuana program in the state.


In 2022, there may be a ballot measure in Mississippi called the Mississippi Marijuana and Hemp Decriminalization Initiative, which would legalize the usage of marijuana, hemp, and cannabis derivatives, allow individuals to grow up to 99 plants, release prisoners held on cannabis-related charges, and expunge cannabis-related criminal records.

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Just like Florida, Missouri may have three upcoming ballot measures next year.

  1. Missouri Changes to Medical Marijuana Program Initiative, which would amend the state’s current program and allow medical marijuana patients to grow their own cannabis, lower the cost of a patient ID card to $25, and allow up to three primary caregivers for a medical marijuana patient.
  2. Missouri Marijuana Legalization Initiative, which would legalize the purchase, possession, consumption, use, delivery, manufacturing, and sale of marijuana for users aged 21 and over. It would also allow those facing non-violent marijuana-related charges to petition their release or have their criminal records expunged, and it would impose a 6% tax on all marijuana sales.
  3. Missouri Marijuana Legalization and Automatic Expungement Initiative, which would legalize recreational marijuana, ban the taxation of medical marijuana, allowing driving under the influence of marijuana, and automatically expunge/release those with non-violent marijuana-related charges.


Nebraska has two potential ballot measures regarding cannabis coming up in 2022:

  1. Nebraska Marijuana Legalization Initiative, which would legalize recreational use.
  2. Nebraska Medical Marijuana Initiative, which would amend the state’s Constitution to allow for medical marijuana usage.

North Dakota

North Dakota’s potential upcoming ballot measure, North Dakota Legalize Marijuana and Allow Home Growth Initiative, is pretty self-explanatory: it would legalize cannabis use for residents 21 years of age and older, and allow people to possess, grow, process, or transport up to 12 cannabis plants for personal use.


In 2022, Ohio’s ballot measure Ohio Marijuana Legalization Initiative would legalize the cultivation, processing, sale, possession, home growing, and recreation use of cannabis for people aged 21 and older.


Next year, Oklahoma may have two relevant ballot measures:

  • Oklahoma State Question 817, Marijuana Legalization Initiative, which would legalize and regulate cannabis for people aged 21 and older and impose a 15% tax on sales by people who do not hold a medical marijuana license.
  • Oklahoma State Question 818, Cannabis Commission and Medical Marijuana Regulation Initiative, which would replace the current Oklahoma Medical Marijuana Authority with the State Cannabis Commission.


And last but not least, Wyoming may also have two cannabis-related ballot measures in 2022:

  • Wyoming Medical Marijuana Initiative, which would create a medical marijuana program.
  • Wyoming Reduce Criminal Penalties for Marijuana Cultivation, Possession, Use, and Transport Initiative, which would reduce the criminal consequences for cannabis cultivation, possession, use, and transport.

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