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5 Reasons Why You Need a Coffee Shop POS System

5 Reasons Why You Need a Coffee Shop POS System


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Did you know that in the United States alone, nearly 70% of consumers drink at least two cups of coffee per day? That’s a lot of java to serve, and even more customers to provide with a fast, personalized (and profitable) experience. Luckily, managing all of those caffeinated purchases can become easier than you ever thought possible when you choose the right POS for coffee shop for your needs.

Let’s explore 5 reasons why you need a coffee shop POS system – and some features to look for:

1. Empower Staff to Keep the Line of Customers Moving Fast

At the end of the day, providing your customers with what they need in a timely manner will make or break your business. To keep your customer queue moving quickly and efficiently, be sure to select a coffee shop POS system with a user-friendly interface to let your baristas take orders fast and without errors.

What does that look like? It looks like a POS system that accepts all kinds of payments (including cash, mobile payments, credit and debit cards, reward points, and more).

While the speed of each individual transaction may not seem that important at times when store foot traffic is low, the speed in which your coffee shop POS system processes payments makes a big difference during busy hours.

2. Customers Can Customize Their Own Drink

We live in the age of, “I’ll take a small iced coffee, 2 pumps of no-sugar caramel syrup, light on the soy milk, and a double shot.” That’s right, today’s customers want things their way, and we can’t blame them. What we can take some blame for, though, is misunderstanding those orders, wasting product, and losing money as well as the customer’s patience.

But don’t worry – your coffee shop POS system can help with those complicated customized orders! If your POS app has a modifier feature, like for example, Poster POS, taking custom orders becomes easy for your baristas. It’s a win-win: give your customers their favorite drinks without delays, and accurately track inventory in your POS when customers order different milk alternatives and toppings.

3. Make the Most of Your POS Using its Marketing Features

A big part of creating coffee shop customers that keep coming back for more is by marketing to them. When there’s a choice between a coffee shop that has a special coupon/sale, or a coffee shop that only has set, standard prices, the customer will most likely choose the discounted cup of Joe.

Create the customer retention you crave by setting up a unique happy hour promotion for each day right in your coffee shop POS system! These built-in deals allow your baristas apply discounts without any additional bother and can create more sales during traditionally slow hours. You can also let customers know about your special deals (and loyalty programs, social media accounts, and more) by promoting them on your receipt.

4. Know and Sell Your Most Profitable Drinks and Desserts

Without a feature-packed coffee shop POS system, it can be hard to answer questions like:

  • Which of my products has the highest profit margin?
  • Which of my items is the most expensive to make?
  • Which product is most popular? And during which days and times?

You guessed it – you can use your POS system to answer all of these questions and more. Food costs and margins can be calculated automatically in your POS, as well as sales data which allows you to understand and analyze your top products. Use this valuable data to rotate items on your menu based on their profitability and popularity!

5. Securely Store Your Business Data in the Cloud

Last but not least, keep all that data safe and just a click away by choosing a cloud-based coffee shop POS system. Gone are the worries of your data being lost if your hardware breaks! And there’s an added benefit of working in the cloud: you’ll become a more flexible manager with access to your coffee shop management system from any computer and any place in the world.

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