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CASA Cleaners Leverages Sudzy POS Software with Star Micronics Printers for a Spotless Operation

CASA Cleaners Leverages Sudzy POS Software with Star Micronics Printers for a Spotless Operation


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When Jordan Wachtell first acquired NYC-based CASA Cleaners, the goal was to provide many more customers in the Manhattan area with eco-friendly dry cleaning services that are 100% safe and non-toxic. By utilizing the newest cleaning machines, POS systems and printing technology, CASA Organic Dry Cleaners has become the fastest growing laundry and organic dry cleaning services in New York City.

Serving residential customers, as well as sports clubs, hotels, universities, and residential buildings, Casa Cleaners offers organic cleaning and wet cleaning technology that is 100% safe, without the use of harmful or toxic chemicals. Additionally, CASA offers a wide range of custom tailoring services, as well as restoration services.

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The Challenge


Managing a growing business in New York City required more advanced point of sale (POS) software than what CASA had. The old PC computer hard drives they were using kept breaking down, requiring the cleaners to rely on backup drives. The inefficient manual processes and unreliable technology they were stuck with caused them to lose a considerable amount of valuable time, and even worse, customer orders.

Not only were they plagued with lost data due to hard drive failures, their legacy POS software didn’t allow CASA to connect with customers via texting or mobile apps, which stifled business growth. CASA needed a modern cloud-based POS that could handle the high volume of their business and streamline processes, with reliable data storage and accessibility.

The Solution

After researching the most advanced POS system for dry cleaners, CASA chose to implement Sudzy POS on iPads, a Star Micronics SP742 tag printer, two Star Micronics TSP654II ticket printers, and a cash register. Two full stations were implemented, and two additional iPads were purchased for racking and scanning laundry bags.

Sudzy POS was chosen for its cloud-based data storage, user-friendly interface, two-way texting to customers, scanning capabilities for data entry, and its ability to be customized as needs grow. The Star Micronics printers were selected for the seamless integration with the POS and the fast ticket and tag printing they offer.

The installation took one week, and it took two weeks total before CASA was able to go live with the solution. The training required was minimal, as each component of the solution was designed to be intuitive and user-friendly.


With the Sudzy POS software and Star Micronics printers, CASA cleaners has been able to revolutionize their business processes to be much more competitive, running three times as fast and adding 25%-30% profitability. Staff can use iPad POS to safely store and backup data in the cloud, which eliminated any lost orders or data issues. The Sudzy software and advanced Bluetooth printing from the Star Micronics printers has considerably decreased the time it takes for CASA to print tags and customer tickets, allowing them to print as-needed.

Orders can now be scanned and entered, or delivered to the POS directly from the Sudzy connected app, or customers can text orders to CASA. Because of this, staff members no longer have to answer customer pickup calls and manually enter in the information every time, and instead are free to process more orders more quickly. Text notifications sent directly to customers when an order is ready for pick up or is on its way for delivery has improved overall customer service.

Delivery drivers have benefitted from the installation as well, enjoying instant access to information on mobile devices. Additionally, CASA plans on adding a mobile printing feature for further ease of delivery. The Sudzy delivery apps can be used on drivers’ mobile devices to assist with delivery, and eliminate the need for paper for an even more eco-friendly operation.

The Sudzy POS software also provides a wealth of data and reporting, which gives CASA a real-time view of operations, so they can better diagnose bottlenecks and make informed decisions. Overall, CASA Cleaners has been able to see a very quick return on investment, saving both time and labor, and allowing the business to operate at a much faster and more profitable pace.

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