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Essential POS Hardware for Cannabis Sellers at Farmers Markets

Essential POS Hardware for Cannabis Sellers at Farmers Markets

Essential POS Hardware for Cannabis Sellers at Farmers Markets

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Farmers markets are a beloved tradition, offering fresh, locally sourced produce, handmade goods, and unique treats. The landscape of cannabis commerce in New York is transforming with the recent approval of cannabis farmers markets by state regulators. This groundbreaking change allows licensed cannabis cultivators and retailers to connect directly with consumers in a market-style setting, creating a new avenue for cannabis sales. 

But what does it mean for your cannabis business regarding the necessary point-of-sale (POS) hardware for selling at farmers markets? 

Cannabis POS Hardware for Farmers Markets

In the bustling environment of a farmers market, the right POS system for cannabis can be a game-changer. Not only does it streamline business operations, making sales swifter and more efficient, but it can also enhance the overall customer experience. When patrons have a seamless transaction process, they’re more likely to think highly of your brand and return, fostering a loyal customer base and boosting your long-term sales. It’s a win-win.

So, here’s what cannabis vendors need for the ideal farmers market POS:

1. Mobile POS System and Tablet or Smartphone

When selling cannabis at farmers markets, a robust mobile POS system is the cornerstone of your POS setup. As transactions will happen on the fly, a mobile POS system, operated via a tablet or smartphone, is an indispensable tool for a seamless customer experience.

These mobile systems offer valuable features like real-time inventory management and sales tracking – a critical aspect for cannabis businesses adhering to strict regulatory requirements. Many mobile POS systems are cloud-based, ensuring your data updates in real-time and is accessible from anywhere.

2. Receipt Printer

Providing receipts is a standard practice in any sales environment, and cannabis farmers markets are no exception. A portable, battery-operated thermal printer can be a practical choice for vendors, allowing you to print customer receipts immediately after the transaction.

A traditional desktop thermal printer can be an excellent choice for vendors with access to a power source. Especially advantageous are those printers that come with wireless capability, seamlessly pairing to your mobile device and eliminating the clutter of unnecessary cables.

These printers offer wireless connectivity and can quickly print receipts for customers. They also play a significant role in maintaining transaction records, which is especially important in the highly regulated cannabis industry.

TSP143IV thermal printer by Star Micronics
The TSP143IVUW thermal receipt printer has wireless capability

3. POS Scale

As cannabis is often sold by weight, having a POS scale is crucial. It enables you to weigh cannabis products accurately and in full view of customers, ensuring transparency in your transactions.

A POS scale can be easily incorporated into your mobile POS system, automatically entering weight information to speed up the sales process and reduce the potential for human error. Remember to use a scale that is “Legal for Trade,” “NTEP Certified” (in the US), or “Measurement Canada Certified” to ensure it meets commercial standards for accuracy.

Star Micronics offers mG-T and mG-S series of POS scales.
Star Micronics offers Trade Legal POS scales ideal for weighing cannabis

4. Cash Drawer

Even with the surge in digital payments, cash transactions are still everyday occurrences at farmers markets. Therefore, having a secure cash drawer is vital for safe and organized cash handling.

This also allows for quick and convenient change-making, contributing to a smooth checkout process. A secured cash drawer will help you organize bills and coins and keep them safe during your day at the market and on the way home.

Stacked Cash Drawers by Star Micronics.
Keep cash secure with cash drawers by Star Micronics

5. Barcode Scanner

If your products come pre-packaged with barcodes, a barcode scanner can speed up the checkout process. Portable, wireless scanners can be especially useful in the typically compact setup of a farmers market stall.

A barcode scanner is essential to streamline the checkout process and keep track of inventory in real time. It enables quick, accurate product identification and price lookup, enhancing efficiency at the point of sale – an essential consideration when dealing with a high volume of customers at farmers markets.

Black wireless handheld 2D barcode scanner by Star Micronics.
Star offers 1D/2D wireless barcode scanners perfect for farmers markets

6. Card Reader

While cash transactions are common at farmers markets, the trend of cashless payments is on the rise. This means having a card reader that can accept credit and debit card payments can put you ahead of your competition.

Ensure your card reader can handle EMV chip cards and contactless payments (NFC), like Apple Pay or Google Wallet, to provide your customers with diverse payment options. This ensures a smooth and convenient payment process for customers, which can enhance their shopping experience and increase sales.

The Right POS Hardware Can Maximize Cannabis Sales at Farmers Markets

Selling at a farmers market can be a rewarding experience, building community and connecting directly with your customers. The proper POS hardware can help make this experience run smoothly, ensuring you can focus more on your patrons and less on handling delays.

As New York blazes the trail in this new form of commerce, cannabis businesses must prepare and adapt. However, having the POS hardware essentials down will keep you well-equipped to seize this unique opportunity in the growing cannabis industry.

Remember, before investing in any POS hardware, consider your specific needs and do your research to ensure compatibility with your POS software. The perfect setup can create a seamless checkout experience, ensuring every transaction is as smooth as your finest roll.

Star Micronics Cannabis POS Solutions Brochure

Star is proud to offer the latest POS hardware and technology solutions for cannabis stores and dispensaries.

Want to know more about cannabis POS hardware?

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