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Greene Street Expands to a Greene Neighborhood

Greene Street Expands to a Greene Neighborhood


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From its origins as a small consignment shop in the ’90s that sold a hodgepodge of furniture, clothing, appliances, and more, Greene Street has evolved into the multi-location franchise it is today, spanning across Pennsylvania and New Jersey. Though it operated successfully as a single-location consignment shop, when the business passed from the original owners to their daughters, Greene Street began to shift its focus from an eclectic assortment of general goods to a fashionable and environmentally-conscious clothing reseller.

As consumers become more aware of the social, economic, and environmental impacts of the disposable fast fashion industry that has made a home in today’s retail space, Greene Street has risen to provide a sustainable shopping alternative, offering mid- to high-end labels at a fraction of retail prices at all of its 10 locations.

Greene Street Promo Image

The Challenge

As the popularity of ethical consumerism grew, Greene Street expanded along with it. The original point of sale (POS) system that had worked well enough for the retailer in the past no longer addressed the challenges of the growing business. Greene Street needed a POS system that could be tailored to their specific industry, with built-in buy/trade software.

Greene Street was looking for a feature-rich system with robust reporting and analytics software that would allow the owners to view critical sales and purchase data. They needed to keep more accurate records of what customers were buying and what they desired.

With the additional locations that they have opened, they also needed the ability to transfer items from store to store without needing to manually pull items and re-key them into the system.

Additionally, they needed a more convenient way to advertise employment opportunities and bring in applicants so they could appropriately staff the new locations.

The Solution

Star Micronics TSP143III and PromoPRNT

After researching its options, Greene Street chose Celerant command software, which has built-in buy/trade software and can be easily customized and modified based on the needs of the retailer. At the time of the install, Greene Street had seven locations with 11 register stations, which were all fitted with the Celerant solution, as well as the TSP143III Windows setup. As the brand added new stores, Celerant scaled with it, and is currently used in all 10 locations.

In addition to Celerant command software, Greene Street chose to use Star Micronics PromoPRNT software for its seamless integration into the Celerant system and its ability to make custom printed promotions and receipts.

After determining the solution they wanted to use, Greene Street went live within a couple of months for the first location, and added on a store every two months for the rest. When they added PromoPRNT, they were able to train employees on the software and go live the same day.

The Results

After implementing the Celerant software, Greene Street was able to expand and add three more locations to the franchise. The integrated loyalty program enabled the retailer to foster better customer relationships and review critical data that helped with promotional marketing.

The POS software also provided more robust analytics, which allowed them to know the inventory and profitability of the products in their store. Celerant software accommodated the easy transfer of products from store to store, and provided necessary tools for streamlining operations and improving productivity.

Once the Star Micronics PromoPRNT software was integrated, Greene Street was able to solve many of its hiring challenges. The software allowed management to design and schedule promotions to be printed, and it was easy to install their own templates. Additionally, pre-loaded templates and fonts were available and easy to use.

Greene Street used the PromoPRNT solution to print receipts that advertised job openings, which allowed the retailer to spend less time recruiting candidates. They have received more applications since implementing the solution, and have been able to adequately staff all of their locations.

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