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How POS Value-Added Resellers Can Profit from Ghost Kitchen Startups

How POS Value-Added Resellers Can Profit from Ghost Kitchen Startups

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As a POS value-added reseller (VAR), you are constantly looking for new opportunities to grow your business. Ghost kitchen startups offer just that opportunity. With 8,000 active operations across North America, ghost kitchens have moved past the proof-of-concept stage and are well on their way to becoming mainstream. In fact, a November 2020 report by Valuates Reports predicts ghost kitchens will generate $71.4 billion by 2027.

VARs providing ghost kitchen solutions have the perfect opportunity to differentiate their businesses. You can expand beyond providing solutions to traditional restaurant models, help your clients enter this nontraditional space, and win back their declining revenue streams by offering ghost kitchen solutions.

Products VARs Can Provide For Ghost Kitchen Startups

For VARs looking to help clients open their new businesses, or expand current ones, these are the technologies that are essential:

Mobile POS

The first thing you will need to help clients obtain is a mobile point of sale (POS) solution. This point of sale system should feature wireless connectivity and integrations necessary to allow ghost kitchen operations to be flexible and efficient. This may mean that the POS software is used on a tablet so that managers can take their work with them as they review operations.

Online Ordering and Payment

Ghost kitchens are specialized kitchens designed to handle to-go orders. Thus, the POS system you provide must integrate with an online ordering and payment system. Bonus points if that integration comes with an easy-to-use mobile app!

Printers & Paper

Additionally, your POS solution should integrate with portable printers. Having a solution that can intake orders and print them instantly to keep operations running quickly is vital. Improve their operations even more by stocking them up on linerless labels and receipt paper for commercial-grade linerless sticky label printers, like the TSP654IISK, which allows online order labels to be placed directly on corresponding to-go boxes for frictionless operations that make food preparation and pickup a breeze.

TSP654IISK Thermal Sticky Label Printer by Star Micronics
The TSP654IISK sticky linerless label printer by Star Micronics

Tablet Stands & Pole Mounts

Provide clients a home base for their tablet and printer system with a durable and protective tablet stand. With the right stand, you can give clients style and function within a sleek, compact frame. The mUnite stand is highly configurable and easy to set up and use. These reliable steel tablet display stands and pole mounts support Star’s extended line of POS printers, in addition to all major Android, iOS, and Windows tablet models, affording protection to each device.

Ready to Begin?

Star Micronics provides flexible, futureproof POS technology designed to seamlessly connect front and back-of-house operations to keep ghost kitchens operating at their peak. They can help you provide clients with all the technology above and more! If you’re ready to start making a profit off of ghost kitchen startups, contact Star Micronics today.

Ghost Kitchens: A Growing Market Within the Restaurant Point-of-Sale Space

Insights for VARs on why more restaurateurs and entrepreneurs are utilizing ghost kitchen business models and how to leverage existing technology to assist those clients.

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