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How QR Codes Can Benefit Your Business

How QR Codes Can Benefit Your Business

QR Code Pay Terminal

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In the Information Age, technological advancements are changing every aspect of life as we know it, especially due to the global COVID-19 pandemic. QR codes have become more widespread than ever, making the hectic information-sharing process easier for us. It might not come as a surprise, but more and more businesses are adopting this technology to make shopping easier for their customers.

QR codes, also known as quick response codes, are two-dimensional images that can provide a function or store large amounts of data. QR codes can show whoever scans them all about a business or they can be used to facilitate payment transactions. To read the details of a QR code, all you’ll need is a smartphone.

QR codes are a huge technological advancement in the field of retail and have made product details and other information easily accessible for both customers and employees. They have enhanced the customer experience.

This is why QR codes aren’t going anywhere.

QR Codes are the Future of the Customer Experience


QR codes are becoming increasingly essential tools in today’s society, which is why you’ll see them everywhere. The QR code was developed for business needs but was slow to catch on. The booming cannabis industry has been using them for a specific purpose by law, but it wasn’t until the pandemic that QR codes became widely utilized in the retail and hospitality industries. Here are some of their uses:

Advertising A Product

A QR code can be used to run advertisements for products. Consumers can now open a website faster by simply scanning a QR code rather than inputting the URL into their browser. The unique codes can also be used to transport the scanner to a landing page displaying products for sale. This makes the purchase decision easier and quicker for the customer, helping save time.


QR codes are made up of hyperlinks and can be found on business cards, product labels, magazines, websites, email newsletters, and any other items where words and images can be displayed. Users can scan QR codes to acquire information on a specific subject with ease.


QR codes can securely hold information about bank accounts, credit/debit cards, and other credentials. By connecting the store’s website to an account or card, the customer can pay simply by scanning the QR code with their smartphones.

Various payment options can even be incorporated into a QR code, enabling customers to select the most convenient payment option for them. Customers can even show stores their own unique QR code, which the cashier or attendant then scans, taking payment that way.

Many companies, like PayPal, use QR codes all the time but anyone can use them.

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The Advantages of QR Codes

There are seemingly an unlimited number of advantages that QR codes can have for any business. From marketing to inventory control, below are just a handful of examples:

Ideal For Marketing

QR codes are often used as marketing tools that can direct customers to a company’s Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and other social media sites. Getting your customers to interact with you on social media means increased engagement, promoting brand recognition and driving sales.

Increased Chances Of Sales

QR codes make it easy for customers to explore more of what your company has to offer. All they have to do is point their smartphone camera and they’re instantly taken to wherever you as the business owner want to take them. Everyone knows that the more traffic a store has, the more opportunities they have of making a sale. Making it easier for the customer to see and buy your product is just smart business practice.

Improves Customer Experience

QR codes are popular with customers for a variety of reasons. To begin with, they are simple to use. The customers only have to scan the QR code to be directed to your company’s webpage or email. They don’t have to memorize anything.

Moreover, only a tiny percentage of consumers remember to return to your website afterward. QR codes make it much easier for your clients to visit your website by enabling them to scan the code. Again, there’s a significant possibility your customers will buy if you make it easier for them to access the latest offerings and engage with your business.



One of the advantages of QR codes is that they may be used in a variety of ways. Social media marketing, online purchases, landing pages, special announcements–the possibilities are nearly endless. This is why they are so useful and, dare I say, fun? People like the excitement of seeing where a QR code will take them, so make it memorable!

To add to this, companies can make their QR codes different shapes, having uniquely-designed codes that set them apart from their competitors, potentially attracting a larger audience.

Digitalize Your Business

Businesses can save time and money on traditional advertising campaigns by going digital, and that includes using QR codes. These days, going digital is a necessity. You don’t have to buy banners, flyers, or other printed materials to market your business anymore. A QR code is a one-time investment that can potentially provide a lifetime of marketing efforts.

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QR Codes in the Cannabis Industry

In many states where cannabis retail is legal, it is the law that dispensaries use QR codes on their products linking to verified licenses and testing results. This way, customers can immediately determine whether or not their cannabis purchase has passed state-mandated regulatory testing.

Not only that but these QR codes can also be integrated with point-of-sale systems to keep track of inventory. 

QR codes can display all the relevant information about the cannabis product for sale, both for customer satisfaction and for dispensary needs. This can be done in any industry.

How to Get QR Codes for Your Business

Getting QR codes for your business is easy. Simply find a website that offers a code generator, fill in the required information, click to generate your code, and then stylize it. After downloading the image, you can display it on whatever you want.

Since their creation, QR codes have gained widespread use, but their popularity is just beginning. Get in on the action before it’s too late and start using this wonderful technology today!

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