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Restaurant Guide: How to Offer Curbside Pickup

Restaurant Guide: How to Offer Curbside Pickup


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Curbside pickup is here, and it is here to stay. In fact, according to Technomic’s 2020 Delivery and Takeout Consumer Trend Report, 66% of consumers anticipate continuing to use curbside pickup after dine-in services resume. Simply put, if you haven’t started offering curbside pickup, now is the time to do so, and we’re here to help. Read on to explore our guide on how to offer curbside pickup.

Why Offer Curbside Pickup?

Needless to say, the restaurant industry has been hit very hard during the COVID-19 pandemic. There was a lot of emphasis specifically on restaurants in terms of the spread of the virus. To protect the public, restaurants worldwide faced multiple shutdowns, reduced hours of operation, and regulations on when alcohol can be served (which was especially hard on restaurant revenue, since alcohol makes up a significant amount of restaurant sales). Unfortunately, as of the end of 2020, 17% of restaurants have closed due to the pandemic.

One solution to help both existing restaurants trying to maintain or increase sales, and new restaurants opening during the pandemic, is curbside pickup. For a part of 2020, because so many restaurants had to close dine-in service, takeout and delivery where the only options, and both offer different benefits to businesses. While delivery can increase a restaurant’s visibility and is a very convenient option for customers, curbside pickup and takeout services can potentially help restaurants boost profits and help customers save money by avoiding additional fees and tips. 

6 Crucial Technologies for Successful Curbside Service

Ignite your curbside service’s full potential with these six crucial technologies.

How to Offer Curbside Pickup: What Technology is Involved?

Rest assured that with the right tools, curbside pickup is an easy solution to provide. Read on to learn more about what online ordering technology is beneficial to a curbside pickup strategy, as well as other useful curbside pickup tools and tips including mobile printing for curbside receipts, tamper-proof labels, and marketing suggestions.

Online Ordering Technology

The right technology can take a restaurant’s curbside pickup strategy from blah to whoa. While of course customers can still call in their orders, online ordering makes the process more convenient and cuts down on any inaccuracies during order-taking, which in turn makes customers happy and restaurants more profitable.

As online ordering booms, so do the number of services available for it. One rule of thumb to keep in mind is that you will need both an online ordering software application and printers within the restaurant that are integrated with your software and can print kitchen tickets, labels, and receipts.

Implementing a curbside pickup strategy that runs like a well-oiled machine likely means you’ll achieve repeat customers and increased revenue. Some key features to look for in your online ordering software and hardware are:

  • Accurate Pickup Time Estimations: The time required to prepare an order often varies. Sometimes there are not as many orders being placed and meals can be prepared quickly, but other times like during peak times of the day, there can be a delay between when an order is placed and when the kitchen staff can prepare it. Boost customer satisfaction by choosing a service that prioritizes accurate pickup time estimations.
  • Customizable Digital Menu: Be sure to choose an online ordering application that allows you to easily create a customized, user-friendly online menu landing page.
  • Automatic and Robust Printing: Automatic printing is key to a successful online ordering and curbside pickup strategy. Online ordering printers, like Star Micronics printers, automatically print an order in the kitchen once it is placed, avoiding unintentionally skipped orders or orders completed out of sequence. Printer manufacturers like Star Micronics can also provide a robust lineup of printing solutions for all of your restaurant’s needs, including impact kitchen printers that produce kitchen tickets which remain intact even in the heat, and linerless label printers that print labels which are repositionable and boost order accuracy up to 99%.
  • Easy Installation: Implementing your curbside strategy doesn’t need to be complicated. Be sure to choose a software provider that helps you get up and running quickly, and printers that work out of the box with your chosen software. Also be sure that each provider offers top-notch customer service and technical support should you need assistance at any point.
  • Affordability: At a time when profitability can make or break a restaurant, it’s important to choose an affordable online ordering/curbside pickup solution. For example, UBMe software is available with an affordable monthly rate and a Star Micronics online ordering printer is a simple one-time fee. The best part is that when combined, these technologies can help restaurants see large increases in revenue by providing a seamless, customer-friendly online ordering and curbside pickup solution.
UBMe online ordering/curbside pickup dashboard.
 The UBMe online ordering platform is affordable, intuitive, and allows for restaurant customization.
Other Useful Curbside Pickup Tools and Tips
  • Curbside Receipt Printing: While most online orders are paid online with a credit card, sometimes customers want to pay curbside. In that case, it’s important to be prepared with a reliable portable receipt printer that is compatible with Bluetooth, iOS, and Android, and includes a magnetic stripe reader (MSR).
  • Tamper-Proof Labels: Take your curbside pickup game to the next level and put your customers’ minds at ease with tamper-proof labels that seal food bags and drinks, and provide visual evidence of tampering.
  • Marketing: Be sure to spread the word far and wide that your restaurant offers curbside pickup. You can post about it on your social media accounts, send emails to your existing customer base, and even promote it for free on your dine-in and delivery receipts with Star Micronics PromoPRNT.

UBMe and Star Micronics: Making Curbside Pickup EasyUBme and Star Micronics make it easy for restaurants to offer curbside pickup.

Recently, UBMe and Star Micronics partnered up to provide restaurant owners online ordering and automatic printing of orders.

The partnership consists of UBMe’s technology and custom menu landing page where customers can easily place and a Star Micronics mC-Print3 that automatically prints an order in the restaurant kitchen once the order is placed.

Together, UBMe and Star Micronics are proud to offer an affordable, easy-to-use, and customer-friendly online ordering/curbside pickup solution.


Interested in learning more about UBMe and Star Micronics’s curbside solution?

About UBMe

UBMe’s powerful online ordering and curbside communication platform for restaurants allows restaurant owners to increase their sales and revenue. With advanced patented technology, exceptional customer service, and expert marketing strategy, we help increase restaurant profits. What makes UBMe’s technology special: Upon arriving at the restaurant, customers can “check-in” using the free UBMe app to privately message staff. The customer can let staff know they arrived, chat with other customers, leave comments, pay for additional items, all while practicing social distancing.

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