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3 Innovative Kiosk Solutions You Should Consider in 2020

3 Innovative Kiosk Solutions You Should Consider in 2020


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Self-service solutions, like many other technologically intensive solutions, are becoming smarter and better designed due to the unstoppable improvement of the available tools and the involvement of more experienced participants in the sector. The sustained increased demand for innovative kiosk solutions is also a factor as it provides the resources to keep the cycle going.So, you may be asking yourself: why are kiosks becoming so popular, and which new solutions should I consider offering to my customers this year? Read on to find out.

Why Kiosks?

As consumers become more aware of the advantages of self-service kiosks – like more accurate ordering and easier order customization – merchants are becoming more open to considering them as a part of their operations.

By choosing to implement kiosk technology, merchants not only improve their customers’ experience, but also positively affect their operation’s bottom line with automated and optimized processes designed for success. And calculating the ROI (return on investment) of kiosks isn’t ambiguous: understanding the value has become easier than ever with the ever-increasing availability of business intelligence reporting within the kiosk itself.

With innovative kiosk solutions available for virtually any market – restaurant/QSR, retail, hospitals, and even corporate office buildings – it’s important to note that not all kiosks are created equal, and kiosk solutions can be customized to meet your customer’s specific needs. Below are three innovative kiosk solutions you should consider in 2020:

1. Intelligent Queue Management Systems

The process of pulling a preprinted number through a fixed dispenser with the sole purpose of organizing customers into an orderly queue is a thing of the past thanks to kiosks. Intelligent and feature-rich solutions are now available to bring value to both merchants and most importantly, their customers.

Customer-facing features like being able to check on current queue times from home, getting in line before arriving to the premises, scheduling an appointment remotely, checking in upon arrival through a mobile app, and receiving notifications for scheduled appointments and the best route to follow considering traffic are just a few things already possible through the use of the currently available smart queue management solutions. It’s important to remember to include walk-in customers in your kiosk considerations too and be sure the kiosk is capable of issuing receipts, service tickets, and more at each location for those who did not take advantage of the remote features of the solution.

2. Digital Signage with Printing Options

Smart advertising is emerging in many verticals, not only because of its ability to disseminate content, but also because of the advanced technologies used to deliver that messaging.

Imagine being able to watch digital advertising while walking at the mall and at any point be able to request a printout with information, promotions, and special messages relevant to what you were watching. Furthermore, imagine this information being able to dynamically change based on each individual consumer’s purchasing habits.

The way companies are reaching their potential customers is changing and innovative kiosk solutions are absolutely going to be a part of that change.

3. Advanced Access Control Solutions

Self-service kiosks can now be integrated with many biometric technology features like:

  • Facial recognition
  • Retina and fingerprint scanning
  • Gender and age validation
  • And more

With these technologies in place, access control solutions are now capable of identifying people attempting to go through their systems with an almost zero-failure rate. Not only does this improve safety and security, but this also allows for faster and more accurate screening, turning a potentially bottlenecked process into a perfectly flowing one, opening the door for new possibilities in the sector.

Kiosk Solution-Selling Tips

Solutions will continue to evolve as their demand stays in an upward trend. As a solution provider, it is important to be innovative in your proposals and to remain a leader in your space. Providing real-world experience and trusted consultative services to your customers will set yourself apart from the competition.

To deepen your self-service kiosk solution offering, be sure to partner with other companies that also have a breadth of experience and knowledge on the latest kiosk trends. For example, Star, a kiosk printer provider, has sales and marketing teams with over 370 years of collective experience in the POS industry. Additionally, we are proud to have a Kiosk Product Champion on board, as well as an integration team that is well-versed in making sure Star’s solutions work with the industry’s leading POS software solutions.

Together you and your kiosk partners can successfully move forward in this ever-changing technocentric world through mutual excellence and solution selling, not product pushing.

Free Self-Service Kiosk Resources

The future of many industries lies with self-service solutions. That’s why Star Micronics is offering free online ordering resources for resellers and software developers who are helping customers future-proof their businesses with self-service solutions.

Explore Star’s Kiosk Solutions

Star is proud to offer a complete line of kiosk printing solutions perfect for a variety of industries such as hospitality, stadium/recreation, banks, retail, parking facilities, transportation hubs, and more.

Star Micronics Kiosk Printers

Star’s Kiosk Printers At-a-Glance:

  • Available in multiple paper widths (2”, 3”, 4”)
  • Open-frame and housed printers available
  • Multiple footprints available, from compact to modular
  • Available interfaces: serial, USB, parallel, Ethernet
  • Operating system compatibility: Windows, Linux, Android, Mac, iOS
  • Multiple accessories available including bezel, presenter, and large paper roll holders

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Meet Star’s Kiosk Printers

Star provides the highest quality and largest variety of kiosk printing solutions.

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