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The Rising Stars Podcast: Exploring Alternative Payments

The Rising Stars Podcast: Exploring Alternative Payments


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Episode 24 - Exploring Alternative Payments

In this episode of the Rising Stars Podcast, join us for an eye-opening exploration into alternative payment methods. Host Brianna Moriarty talks with Jarrod Newman, Director of ISV and Channel Partners at Blackhawk Network, a company that specializes in branded payment solutions through prepaid products, technologies, and networks that connect brands and people.

Together, Brianna and Jarrod discuss:

  • where consumers are headed when it comes to payments
  • what they’re looking for from businesses moving forward
  • how Blackhawk is pivoting as alternative payment technology grows

Enjoy the show!

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Step into the future of market tech with the Rising Stars Podcast, a bi-weekly show covering emerging and innovative market trends and technology in the retail, cannabis, and hospitality space.

Join Brianna Moriarty, Partner Development Manager at Star Micronics, as she tackles eye-opening subject matter with some of the best minds in retail technology across the globe.

Always leading, always innovating, Star Micronics has been an industry pioneer in point-of-sale and customer experience technology for over 40 years. Let’s share our ideas and partner together as we head toward a bright future full of rising stars.

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