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Star’s Top 5 Point of Sale Blogs from 2019

Star’s Top 5 Point of Sale Blogs from 2019


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Happy New Year! We can hardly believe a new year – and a new decade – is here. If you’re like us, you’re reflecting on 2019 and wondering what the hottest topics were. News and trends tend to come and go, especially when it comes to technology, so it can be hard to remember exactly what happened in a given year. To help you out, today on the blog we are sharing our top 5 most popular point of sale blogs from 2019. Enjoy!

5 Most Popular Point of Sale Blogs from 2019

1. Millennials’ Eating Habits: How They’re Changing the Food Industry


If there’s one generation that makes headlines, it’s millennials. According to the 2015 U.S. Census, there are 75.4 million millennials living in the country, officially making them the largest generation in the States. If you operate a restaurant, it’s worth paying attention to what millennials do and want – especially when you consider that they spend more dining out than they save for retirement. Check out this blog to explore the top four things millennials are seeking when it comes to dining out – and how these changes are affecting the food industry.

2. 5 Reasons Why Shoppers Still Prefer Brick-and-Mortar


The constant evolution of e-commerce provides a hybrid of digital and physical purchasing possibilities to customers. While the appeal of an online market is steadily increasing, consumers still cannot resist the social experiences and certain advantages that brick-and-mortar is able to provide. Among the many irreplaceable elements of the in-store shopping experience that cannot be replicated online, in this blog you’ll learn about the top five reasons why shoppers still rely on – and prefer – brick-and-mortar retailers.

3. 5 “Must-Haves” for Stadium Point of Sale


When visiting a large sports stadium or entertainment arena, you often find long lines for food and merchandise during half-time or intermissions. The people attending these professional sports games or concerts paid good money to see their team play or favorite artist perform, and they don’t want to miss a thing. This puts a huge amount of pressure on the employees working the concession stands or merchandise shops to complete the customer’s order as quickly as possible. A lot of this workflow plays into the stadium point of sale (POS) system being used. Read on to discover the 5 “must-haves” when looking for a stadium point of sale system.

4. Infographic: The Rise of Online Ordering


Here’s something you probably already know: the online ordering industry is booming. Here are some things you may not have known, though: 86% of consumers use off-premise services at least monthly, and food delivery in particular is expected to grow 12% year-over-year in the next five years. And last but not least, digital ordering and delivery has grown 300% faster than dine-in traffic!

If you’re looking to learn more about the online ordering industry as a whole, you’re at the right place. The online ordering infographic in this blog post explores the history of online ordering, industry key players and revenues, customer demographics, and more – including what point of sale features restaurants looking to jump into the growing industry should look for. Enjoy!

5. 3 Reasons Why Star Cash Drawers are the Perfect MMF VAL-u Line Replacement


If you’re looking for MMF VAL-u Line® replacement cash drawers, you’ve come to the right place. Star Micronics is so much more than a printer company, and cash drawers are an integral part of our product line.

Our Value Series cash drawers, including the CD3-1313 and CD3-1616, are the ideal replacement for MMF VAL-u Line cash drawers for a variety of reasons: they are an exact replacement for the VAL-u Line drawers, they work with both Star and Epson printers, and they’re feature-packed and ready to pair with your point of sale (POS).

What Else Happened with Star in 2019?

We had a bunch of exciting point of sale announcements in 2019. Check out the below roundup of our top press releases from last year:

TSP847II AirPrint
mUnite POP tablet POS stand
mUnite Stand
mC-Sound Kitchen Buzzer
SK1 Kiosk Printer


Thanks for reading our recap of our most popular point-of-sale blogs and press releases from 2019! We hope you enjoy and learn a lot from the Star point of sale blogs, and we look forward to your continued readership in 2020.


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