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5 Portable Receipt Printer Opportunities for Resellers

5 Portable Receipt Printer Opportunities for Resellers

A portable thermal receipt printer by Star Micronics.

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As a reseller in the point of sale (POS) industry, it’s becoming increasingly important to not just sell products, but to be a full solution provider and trusted adviser to your customers. Besides being the one your customers turn to for all things tech, being a trusted advisor also means you must always be identifying new selling opportunities. A benefit of this can, of course, be boosted margins. In today’s blog post, explore five portable receipt printer opportunities to help you move deeper into accounts while also thickening your wallet.

1. Tableside Restaurant Payments

Pay-at-the-table is gaining popularity, and for good reason. Touch-free tableside payments – which eliminate back-and-forth handling of cards or cash – boast multiple benefits, including:

  • Higher table turn rate: The traditional payment process, involving a waitstaff member running back and forth from the table to the POS terminal, can be lengthy, and of course, time means money in the restaurant world. Speeding up the payment process can really pay off (pun intended): according to Hospitality Technology, moving from three to four table turns per shift can increase revenue by 20-25%.
  • Less identity theft: Unfortunately, card skimming occasionally occurs within the hospitality industry, namely when cards are with servers and out of the sight of customers for several minutes. The possibility of identity theft is greatly reduced if a customer instead pays tableside.
  • Increased tips: Pay-at-the-table is undoubtedly a faster, smoother process than traditional back-and-forth payments. This improved experience often times means increased tips for servers. According to the Los Angeles Times, Olive Garden waitstaff using mobile payment tablets saw a 15% increase in tips.

Help your customers offer seamless, profitable pay-at-the-table options by providing the ideal portable receipt printer.

Recommended Printer: SM-L200
SM-L200 Portable Receipt Printer

2” Receipts
Bluetooth, Apple BLE

2. On-the-Road Services: Field Service, Landscaping, Taxi

Another opportune industry for selling portable printers is any business that needs to complete transactions on-the-go. Examples of this include field services like telecommunications, HVAC, pest control, and contracting; landscaping; and taxi services. While these all provide very different services, they have one thing in common: they need fast, reliably connected receipt printers to keep their customers happy and their revenue flowing. Help them reach those goals by providing the right portable receipt printer.

Recommended Printer: SM-T300i

SM-T300i Portable Receipt & Label Printer

3” Rugged with MSR, Receipts & Labels

3. Concession Sales at Stadiums, Parks, and Event Venues

The days of getting up from your seat at a sports game or concert to go stand in a long line for a snack or beverage are ending. Mobile and in-seat sales of concessions at stadiums, parks, and event venues are on the rise, and offer many benefits like:

  • Reduced venue congestion
  • Faster turnaround
  • No waiting in long lines, meaning guests have more fun
  • Enhanced customer experience via mobile payment acceptance and integrated loyalty programs
Recommended Printer: SM-S230i

SM-S230i Portable Receipt Printer

2” High-Speed Receipts

4. Police Tickets and Citations

Getting pulled over and receiving a ticket is on fun, but one thing that makes it even less fun is a long wait. Help police officers quickly and safely provide tickets and citations with the right portable printer. Not just any mobile printer will do, however; be sure to offer a printer that is rugged and built to last, can print 4”-wide documents, and is available with accessories like belt clips, shoulder straps, and car chargers.

Recommended Printer: SM-T400i

SM-T400i Portable Receipt Label Document Printer

4” Rugged with MSR, Receipts, Labels & More

5. Every Corner of the Retail Store

The usage of mobile printers in retail stores seems virtually endless. From big-box stores to specialty retailers and salons, portable printers have a place in nearly every brick-and-mortar establishment. Examples of mobile printer usage in retail stores include:

  • Line-busting: One of the most obvious portable printer use cases in retail is line-busting. By implementing mobile checkout locations within the store, shoppers can avoid waiting in long lines, pay at a more convenient location, and be on their way faster.
  • In-aisle labeling: A portable printer that can also print labels is the perfect solution for workers who need to label product in-aisle.
  • Online order preparation: BOPIS (buy-online-pickup-in-store) is booming. In fact, according to Shopify, nearly 60% of consumers are interested in BOPIS-type shopping options, and 64% are opting for BOPIS more often than before the pandemic started. A portable printer can help workers prepare BOPIS orders by easily printing receipts and labels on-the-go in the store as they assemble orders.
Recommended Printer: SM-L300

SM-L300 Portable Receipt and Sticky Label Printer

3” Receipts & Sticky Labels
USB, Bluetooth, Apple BLE

The Future is Mobile

While mobile transactions and processes aren’t new, their speed, seamlessness, and integration with modern payments and devices are increasingly important in a variety of industries. As a reseller, it’s pertinent that you stay up-to-date on trends such as these to remain a trusted advisor and to maximize your profits. The right portable printers, like those from Star, can help you do just that.

Boost Your Business with Star’s Portable Printers

Boost your business by offering Star Micronics portable printers! Star is proud to offer a full line of portable, wireless receipt printers that are compatible with Bluetooth, Android, and iOS iPad and iPhone devices. Capable of printing receipts, labels, tickets, and more, the portable printers are ideal for retail, hospitality, parks and stadiums, police, food trucks, landscaping, pest control, field service, and more.

Ready to learn even more about Star’s line of portable printers?

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