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Receipt Marketing: How to Unleash the Power of Your Receipt

Receipt Marketing: How to Unleash the Power of Your Receipt


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This is the third part of “Keep the Receipt,” a five-part blog series about the various advantages paper receipts offer to businesses and consumers, and why you should elect to choose to offer – and accept – paper receipts.

Ah, the receipt. Billions of transactions are made each day, and countless receipts are printed. But receipts can do so much more than provide transaction information – they can also be used for marketing, and today on the blog we’re going to share with you why receipt marketing is relevant, what benefits it can offer to retailers, and how to get started with your very own receipt marketing. Read on!

Paper Promotions are (Still) King

If you’re looking to communicate promotion messaging to your shoppers, look no further than the paper receipt. Yes, it’s true: even in the digital age, paper promotions are (still) king!

Did you know:

  • 88% of all consumers use paper coupons
  • 48% of consumers look for print coupons on a weekly basis
  • 2/3 of milliennials look to paper coupons for offers to save money
  • 90% of affluent shoppers use coupons
  • 85% of consumers look for coupons prior to visiting a retailer
  • 71% of consumers said they would use a featured coupon code from a print advertisement to buy online

…and the list goes on and on! Check out our coupon infographic to learn more.

And guess what? Coupons are just the tip of the iceberg when it comes to things you can promote via receipt. Keep reading to learn about other ways to leverage receipt marketing.

Receipt Marketing Enables Retailers to:

Provide Promotions to 100% of (High Quality) Customers

Ensuring your marketing communications reach the correct recipients is very important, and receipt marketing can help you do just that.

As we mentioned in our previous Keep the Receipt blog post, according to Pew Research, 19% of Americans don’t own a smartphone. By delivering printed promotions, you avoid inadvertently bypassing a large demographic of potential customers.

Another benefit of providing printed promotions is that your messaging is sure to reach high-quality customers. Unlike other marketing channels where you’re lucky to reach valuable leads, by presenting printed promotions to your customers at the point of purchase, you’re not just nurturing a lead, but boosting customer retention. This is of utmost importance in a world where most items can be found in multiple stores, and shoppers can be tempted to spend their dollars elsewhere.

Download for Free! The Value of Receipts: Physical and Digital.

Experience Higher Return on Investment (ROI)

Marketing can get expensive – really expensive. Direct mail can cost between 30 cents to over $10 per person, while social media ads can cost several dollars per ad click! It’s easy to see how the cost of advertising can get out of hand, even for a small business.

On the other hand, when you leverage receipt marketing with Star printers/paper, it costs only $1.50 … per thousand receipts/promotions! And let’s not forget, those printed promotions are ending up in the hands of shoppers already in your store, who are likely more liable to return to the store than a brand-new prospect from a direct mail campaign.

Onboard Customers to Other Marketing InitiativesLoyalty-Program-PromoPRNT-e1574805918143

So maybe at this point you’re still not on board with receipt marketing. You want to direct traffic to digital platforms like your social media account, loyalty program, or online review website. Well, receipt marketing can help with that, too.

Take, for example, loyalty programs: they’re great for retaining customers by offering special, personalized rewards. But how do you get your shoppers to sign up for your program in the first place? Sending an email about it will likely end up unopened in their junk/promotions email folder. Posting on social media about it might get you a few likes, but chances are it’ll largely go unnoticed.

By placing a QR code on your receipt promotions, you can have your cashier inform the shopper face-to-face about your loyalty program, and let them know all they need to do is simply scan the code on the receipt to sign up – no extra clicks or navigation necessary. Receipt marketing can act as a great bridge between a brick-and-mortar environment and the added digital benefits consumers want.

Directly Request Feedback from CustomersOnline-Review-PromoPRNT-e1574805955994

Customer feedback is worth its weight in gold. But unfortunately, many times consumers aren’t motivated to leave a review unless they are feeling disgruntled. Change that with receipt marketing! By using tools like Star’s Customer Survey, you can provide “instant” customer satisfaction surveys in conjunction with AllReceiptsTM digital receipts.

Similar to what we discussed earlier in this blog post, you can also use your receipt and a simple, easy-to-use QR code to guide customers to an online review website.

How to Get Started with Receipt Marketing

Okay, so everything above sounds great, but how do you get started? It’s very simple if you are using a Star printer!

With PromoPRNT, Star’s value-added receipt marketing tool, you can customize promotions from templates that print directly on the bottom of your receipts. And because the tool is cloud-based, you can create, schedule, and manage promotions from anywhere.

Click here to learn more about PromoPRNT and register today.

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