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3 Reasons Self-Service Kiosk Solution Providers Should Choose a Printer with Android SDK Support

3 Reasons Self-Service Kiosk Solution Providers Should Choose a Printer with Android SDK Support


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The growth of the self-service kiosk industry is undeniable: 2019 was the third consecutive year of double-digit growth for the industry, according to Kiosk Marketplace. This data confirms that the industry is a very attractive specialized vertical to focus on, and as a kiosk solution provider, being prepared to provide what the market needs – with the right technology and innovation – is key.One example of this innovation is the ability for a kiosk to support tablets, including Android-based systems. Why is supporting Android tablets so important? As a kiosk solution provider, read on to discover three reasons you should choose a printer with Android SDK support.

Free Self-Service Kiosk Resources

The future of many industries lies with self-service solutions. That’s why Star Micronics is offering free online ordering resources for resellers and software developers who are helping customers future-proof their businesses with self-service solutions.

Reason #1: Android as a Replacement Device

The times are changing, and so are the go-to devices found in self-service kiosks. As the industry grows and sectors that were previously indifferent to self-service solutions become a part of the demanding force, the need for cost-effective, flexible, and easy-to-integrate solutions has emerged.

One ideal solution to meet this need is the Android tablet. Affordable, compact, and simple to use, Android tablets are replacing computers, all-in-ones, and touchscreens across the industry, and it’s important to support them.

Reason #2: Android as a Cost-Effective Solution

The tablet world has evolved at lightning speed with bigger and more powerful devices available at every price point imaginable. Interestingly, this shift was not triggered by self-service kiosk solutions, but it has changed the way kiosks are designed and has disrupted the industry at its core.

Although highly customized Windows- and Linux-based kiosks running costly CPUs and larger-than-life touchscreens are still available for those with the budget and need, the self-service market has been disrupted by newer, cost-conscious tablet solutions, with Android becoming the leading operating system for this type of integration.

Reason #3: Android as a Sleek Design

When it comes to self-service kiosks, the design follows the function, meaning that the most effective kiosks are designed with their specific use cases in mind.

Not surprisingly, as the demand for self-service solutions increases, ideal solution designs have also changed. In many cases, this means a smaller footprint, a minimalist style, and more intuitive interfaces – all of which can be found in an Android-based system.

In addition to the device itself, selecting the right set of components to accompany your Android tablet-based kiosk will dictate how successful your proposed solution will be today and into the future.

In Summary: Why It’s Imperative to Support Android

One size does not fit all when it comes to self-service kiosks. Some kiosks print sales receipts in quick service restaurants (QSRs), others print shipping labels in courier companies, some print tickets in parking garages, and so on.

With so many potential applications (and potential customers), offering the right operating system support is extremely important. And with their high quality, compact size, affordable price point, specific functionality, and easy compatibility, Android devices are now the norm for the market. To ensure your entire kiosk solution is Android-friendly, it’s a must to choose a printer with Android SDK support.

How to Choose an Android-Compatible Kiosk Printer

The self-service kiosk journey does not end at the tablet. To ensure maximum efficiency and success, it’s important to choose a kiosk printer that not only supports Android but is also reliable and high-performance. Here are some kiosk printer features to look for:

  • Paper Size: One of the first considerations when it comes to a kiosk printer is what size paper you need to be printing. Common widths include 2”, 3”, and 4”.
  • Interface: Next up on your list of kiosk printer features to think about is the interface. Will you need serial, USB, parallel, or an Ethernet connection? Be sure that the kiosk printer you choose is compatible with the interface(s) you plan on using.
  • Footprint: Another important consideration is the kiosk printer’s footprint. Do you need the most compact printer possible? Or do you need a larger, more modular printer?
  • Position: Like the printer’s footprint, you must also consider whether the printer needs to be in a horizontal or vertical position and choose a printer that can accommodate that requirement.
  • Accessories: Last but not least, be sure to assess which kiosk printer accessories you will need and make sure the printer you are considering is offered with them. Common accessories include a bezel, a presenter, a large paper roll holder, and more.

Meet Star’s Kiosk Printers

Star is proud to offer a wide range of kiosk printers featuring multiple paper widths, interfaces, footprints, positions, and available accessories – all compatible with the Android operating system! Learn more about Star’s kiosk printer family in the below video, featuring Star’s Kiosk Printer Champion Augusto Echecopar:

View the Full Star Product Catalog

Looking for more help choosing a kiosk printer? Download our free cheat sheet: How to Select Your Kiosk Printer.

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